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    Meet TT the great chin!

    Tell your chin that the world is overpopulated with backyard breeders.
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    Cleaning Help? :)

    You could try a drop sheet in front of the cage, cut to the size you want, then pick it up & slide the mess into the garbage
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    Meet Moxxi

    My chins when first born were not afraid of anything, they would walk up to me, sit on my knee, come when called, etc. By around the 3/4 week, they then become more aware of their surroundings and became more cautious. I didn't encourage close contact with them, watching them play was enough...
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    What's been your most expensive chinchilla purchase?

    Stick with chinchillas, you can trust them.
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    Picking up Chinchilla

    Yes, I have 7 chins that all hate to be picked up. It's OK for them to walk all over me, to sit on my head, to go to sleep on my knee, but only when and if they happen to feel like it. That's ok with me, they are all free to make their own choices. We get plenty of together time without any...
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    Chinchilla bald spot on tail

    Try moving his favorite shelf to another area where his tail won't stick out of the cage.
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    bonded chinchillas suddenly started fighting, please help!

    If you had all four of your chinchillas running around together, you could end up as I did, with more chinchillas than you planned on. You will know in roughly 112 days. Keep your eyes open because babies are very small and will fall or jump out of a Ferret Nation cage.
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    Hello from Japan!

    Your little girl is very cute, she looks very young, you obviously look after her well.
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    Teeth: Treatment vs. Quality of Life

    Rest In Peace, Gary, you are finally running free with other chinchillas and in no more pain. There are worse things in life than death.
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    Harvesting safe wood

    I would suggest that you boil in fresh water several times until the water is clear before baking in the oven until the branches are crisp.
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    Do you have chin gender preference?

    One of the reasons I have seven chins today is because I bought two females, my first chins. Live and learn, belatedly. Now I have three cages.
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    Sleep well Susu

    I feel so sad every time I read of a chin passing but each reported passing helps the rest of us learn more about chins. I'm so sorry for your loss, JamaisVu, but Susu is now running free in a huge herd of other chins and is finally really free.
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    Gizzie is gone.

    When I was very young I had an out of body experience. All my fur pals were there, I didn't want to come back but I was forced to. I know they are all waiting for me, as yours will for you. So cheer up, they wait for you. c s
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    In Over My Head

    The best temperature for your little fluff ball is between 60 and 70 degrees with the humidity between 40 and 60 degrees. Your basement should have a dehumidifyer if as you say it is, cold/damp. Dress very warmly when you go downstatrs as the cold & dampness, especially the dampness , will...
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    Happy birthday/gotcha day Wicket

    Happy Birthday, Wicket. 🎂
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    How many pets do you have?

    I volunteered at a Humane Society. There was a special day set aside, once a week, to kill sick or unwanted animals. For almost every pet animal born, one has to die, there are only so many homes. and far too many animals. PLEASE, think before you breed animals.
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    Playpen Recommendation?

    I clip a sheet over the top of my playpen, chins love to jump and can easily get out.
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    Scrubbing, Baking and Boiling

    Thank goodness, I've had my fill of raising bugs. I raised mealworms and crickets, plus always had earthworms when I was raising baby birds, it's a relief to not have them anymore, but if my chins had needed them I would be back doing it. Thank you for the wild chin food list, Amathyst, that...
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    Scrubbing, Baking and Boiling

    Thank you, Amethyst, I haven't started on my wood yet so will definitely boil it before putting it into the oven. My babies deserve the best care I can possibly give them. I read somewhere that chins in the wild eat bugs, do you know if this is true or not? Too much on the net is false so...
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    Scrubbing, Baking and Boiling

    I'm going to try this, keeping 7 chins in chew sticks is a lot of work. Thanks for the idea.