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  1. Megan

    Hedgehogs in PA- we need everyones support!

    I'm on a mission! There is a bill to legalize these guys again. Please email representative Kulik and tell her to bring HB567 to a vote and to vote YES! The more people who call and email, the better!
  2. Megan

    Hedgehogs in PA

    I'm on a mission! There is a bill to legalize these guys again. Please email representative Kulik and tell her to bring HB567 to a vote and to vote YES!
  3. Megan

    Selling diseased animals

    I need to go back and reread most of the thread, I'm just skimming while at work. I haven't been extremely active the past 2/3 years in the chinchilla community/online community - I have not heard of this before today. One of my biggest complaints has ALWAYS been the "hush hush" of issues. We...
  4. Megan

    Walking dead 2013 Fall season

    I've been watching as well.. I wonder if Carol will play a major roll against rick in the upcoming 2nd half of the season ;)
  5. Megan

    chin breeders

    Monika with Pony Trail Chins is about 45 minutes from you. Brandi Bowen is in ELkton MD as well
  6. Megan

    Looking for brown velvet - located near Bethlehem, PA but willing to drive a bit

    I *MAY* have a brown velvet male for sale. Haven't decided if I want to let him go yet. He is 10 months old, was thinking about keeping him back for breeding however I'm not sure I want to use any beige-type animals in my program... I'm near Jim Thorpe, PA if you want to message me.
  7. Megan

    Chinchillas wanted near Eastern PA

    Are you looking for anything specific? Male/Female? Breeding/Pet? Color?
  8. Megan

    Is it safe to buy baby chin off of Craigslist?

    Selling chinchillas on craigslist is not against the terms. Chinchillas are considered "livestock" as they are "farmed". Therefore, because livestock sales are allowed--chinchillas may be sold. That said, I personally use Craigslist, Hoobly etc as a source to sell my animals. I've found great...
  9. Megan

    Breeders/ranchers posting on the forum

    I've been quiet not from fear of being bashed.. but I just simply don't have the time. I have learned a long time ago not give a crap what other people think of me. With a new baby, a farm to take care of, the chinchillas, my work in pit bull rescue, a full time job and a part time job...
  10. Megan

    Tradition and Issues?

    Glad to hear you get it from TSC! I will head over today and see what they say. I still have about 10 bags of Tradition left, but it won't hurt to start looking into ordering through them.
  11. Megan

    Tradition and Issues?

    I get my feed from the mill in lancaster, but it is shipped in when I order from the Ohio mill-- same place Ryersons gets theirs from. I am the one with the issue-- but saw another breeder stating issues awhile back. I have seen manna pro pro at tsc, I may see if they can get me the sho. I have...
  12. Megan

    Tradition and Issues?

    There was a face book post by a fellow breeder about tradition products. In the past year I've noted : A decrease in kits being born. This COULD be due to the fact that my animals are getting older, and they are slowing down. I've also seen an INCREASE in still-born kits. Apparently tradition...
  13. Megan

    Atlantic Chapter Show 2013

    I just started prepping too :( I had about 10-12 animals lined up, but it was sooo darn crazy the past few weeks I didn't keep up with them... I doubt i'll have them to show :( May just toss them into breeding and bring their babies next year *sigh*
  14. Megan

    Leaving chins alone for days

    I am lucky in that we live next to my in laws. When I am away for weekend trips or longer he will go up and check on the chins at least once a day. Usually during the hottest part of the day to make sure the ac is working. I always make sure if it's a weekend trip feeders and waters are filled...
  15. Megan

    Atlantic Chapter Show 2013

    I had quite a few animals I wanted to bring, but things got crazy the last few weeks and I didn't prep... Going to try and start prepping tonight, and hopefully we can get them done in time. I was able to grab a room at the quality inn via their website :)
  16. Megan

    Atlantic Chapter Show 2013

    ugh, guess we will start looking for a hotel room now. Sadly we have the trailer so we can't do a same day drive :(
  17. Megan

    How often do you weigh your chins?

    I don't weigh unless I have cause for concern-- a kit that doesn't look like they are growing on track, an adult that looks like it has lost some weight/doesn't seem interested in food etc.
  18. Megan

    Would you show or put into breeding?

    I wouldn't show her. At this point I would get her started in breeding, and hope you may get kits for next season out of her. She's proven herself, and you already have a good understanding of quality-- why cart her along when you can get her producing :)
  19. Megan

    Chemicals in Pvc pipes?

    Honestly, I would not be overally worried about PVC. They usually do not chew on it-- I've had a PVC tube, uncovered in with the same chins for several years now with no issues. People with aquariums that house certain types of fish will also keep PVC in their tanks for the fish to hide in. The...
  20. Megan

    Chin breeders in Maryland or PA?

    I am in PA as well, but may not be as close as the others. I am actually in "Weatherly, PA". I have two standards for sale currently (male and female).