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    Animal Therapy Dog

    Most therapy dogs are either Labrador retrievers or Golden retrievers. They can be very social and people pleasing. They are gentle, patient and smart by nature.
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    I buy Mazuri in bulk and freeze it in Ziploc bags. That way I can use a small amount at a time. And the bottom of the bag is as fresh as the top of the bag. Also, I don't waste any by throwing away what went bad.🐭💕
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    Rehoming Chinchilla

    I think what was initially intended was that small children ages 4 to ~7 (and not in all cases).... should not be given any pet unless they fully understand the responsibility of caring for the pet properly. Bunnies come to mind around Easter time many bunnies are given to children as pets/toys...
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    Discharge... Again!

    Hi Kalibo, I'm having that very same issue right now with Swee Swee. She constantly has her nose in her genitals and I can't figure it out. I picked her up and turned her over and I could see the same thing some grayish whitish fluid around her vaginal area. I took a cool damp paper towel and...
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    Is this serious?

    Take a cotton ball with hydrogen peroxide on it and rub the area. Do this three or four times until the area is clean. Then take a q-tip with some triple antibiotic on it and apply it to the wound. It's best to do this in the morning as he will probably sleep during the day and leave it...
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    Chinchillas eye got removed and is oozing!!!

    That's strange that there is no swelling warmth or pain to the affected area. It's difficult to know without being able to see any of the symptoms. The suggestion below may help. Feed him a bit of Critical Care with his normal food. Continue to use a warm compress as much as he will allow...
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    Chinchillas eye got removed and is oozing!!!

    Get to the Vet !! Sounds like an infection. Is the area swollen/warm/painful?
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    ears down

    Nose not knows🙄.... talk to text error.
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    ears down

    Swee does the same thing with her front feet. She rub s her mouth and knows vigorously and then pulls on her whiskers in a downward fashion. And then she turns around and does some grooming. I assumed that this was grooming behavior. That there may be scent glands in or near the whisker...
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    ears down

    Sweet Sweet Does something similar. When she's sleeping in her hut her ears go back and they are warm. A minute or two after she wakes up they are normal temperature a little cool to the touch. And she behaves normally. She does not bark in the way your chin does. She will run on her wheel quite...
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    Taking a chinchilla out of it's "house"

    It seems that, in general, chins don't like being picked up or held. Swee-Swee (my chin) runs into her hut as well. I don't pull her out of it b/c I want her to have a "safe place" to run to. If I need to medicate or examine her I take the hut out and try to catch her quickly so she doesn't...
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    Chin in fire area struggling to breath

    My most sincere condolences. That vet response was quite poor. The vets I have worked with would have let you come in regardless of the time of day. There were times when animals were hit by cars in the middle of the night and he and I would meet the owners at the clinic and admit them into...
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    Chinchilla breathing problems

    Good going with the Dehumidifier.. Definitely need to keep humidity in check. Leave no stone unturned. Ask your vet "Why is there such a difference in appearance between the two lungs?" It's obvious... but is it normal? Do the antibiotics seem to be working? 💖🐭🙋🏻‍♀️
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    Chinchilla breathing problems

    From the x-ray it seems he only has one functional lung. I'm not a Veterinarian so it's not a professional opinion. However, the lung on the right side of photo appears to be (full of fluid?) / not functional. How long has his breathing been short and fast? Swollen lymph nodes indicate an...
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    The Ferret Nation Club

    Be careful...The temperature near the ceiling is significantly warmer than it is at eye level. Especially if you're not on the ground floor. Keep a thermometer up there. Be sure it doesn't go past 71°F. Keep humidity low. Even cold air can be humid. Like a dark damp basement.🐭🙋🏻‍♀️
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    Is This Bumblefoot?

    What kind of flooring are you using?? Try a mixture of warm water and Epsom salts. Soak a soft cloth in the mixture and gently clean his feet. Be careful not to get his fur wet. Perhaps someone can hold him while you clean his feet. Do this 2x/ day. Mix together a very tiny amount of triple...
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    My friend's chinchilla has diarrhea please help!

    Ask your vet about "Critical Care" for chinchillas. It helps balance the digestive and immune systems. ❤️🐁
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    Penis prolapses again after removing hair ring

    You may want to get another opinion or two from different vets and/or breeders.
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    Where can I get tile cut?

    Try different hardwear stores. Home Depot, True Value, local tile and flooring businesses. You could buy smaller pieces of tile too. Hope this helps.🙋🏻‍♀️🐁💖