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    baby with weezing?

    My kits are now 10 days old, my big girl is fine but little guy hasnt gained any weight and is less than what he weighed at birth, he is very weezy, I have baytril 2.27% at home I used on my turtles when she had pneumonia, i know baytril is safe for chins but not sure on dosage for such a...
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    need fostering advice for my 2 orphans

    The little kit (34g) is down 2 grams and struggling, I am using fresh goats milk, baby cerial, and some crushed chilla pellet as formula and stimulating, but he is still degressing, stays laying lathargic on heat mat, still eating but only 1\2 to a 1\4 ml each hours if I am lucky, any way...
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    kit with head tilting

    He is 6 days old today, I posted in the breeding area a question too about fostering, he is doing slightly better since I gave them an 8 watt heating pad under their cage, didnt get dropped and no mom to step on him just his bully older sister who is constantly picking on him, I have been...
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    kit with head tilting

    Hand feeding kits, got up this mrning for 630 feeding and one kit is fine but other has head tilting and kinda seisure like behavior, any advice? keeping it warm, it ate a tiny amount, but not sure what to do forit, years ago one died through the night after behavviour like this and the...
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    need fostering advice for my 2 orphans

    On wed my chin had 2 babies, on friday she had to be uthinized due to retaining a third, have been bottle feeding the babies every hour to 2 hours since thurs since i noticed mom wasnt doing well, they are not gaining weight steadily and gain a gram then loose it, both perky and active, the...