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  1. Snapdragon

    Where do you get your wheels?

    I've acknowledged that hedgehogs need exercise (wheels) but I was wondering where you purchased your wheels from? Thanks you!! :cute:
  2. Snapdragon

    Chinchillas- Best in pairs?

    I was wondering if it's better to keep chinchillas in pairs or would they prefer to be alone? I know it's like this with many rats, rabbits & gerbils (not hedgies, though) and I've seen a lot of members with just one chinchilla. Thanks you! :cute:
  3. Snapdragon

    Hedgehogs- fleece?

    I'm planning on getting a hedgehog in the future (not soon, though) and I have some questions // curiosities about fleece ~Do hedgehogs chew on fleece?// try to eat it. ~If they choose a spot to pee all the time, is it okay to place a litter pan there? ~Will they get stuck on the fleece...
  4. Snapdragon

    Do hedgehogs eat vegetables?

    I was just wondering, do hedgehogs eat veggies? (I don't have a hedgehog yet, but I'm very curious) If so, what vegetables are safe for them? Thank you! :cute:
  5. Snapdragon

    Hello! I'm Snapdragon!

    Hello there!:yellowbounce: I'm Snapdragon (but you can call me Leah) I love animals, photography/filmography, nature, sweets, art,& YouTube! My absolute favorite genre is sci-fi! My favorite color is mint green. I like twurtles! I play acoustic guitar & keyboard! I am obsessed with crafts &...