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  1. equus_peduus

    New chins :)

    It's been 10-ish years since my last chinchillas, and I'm finally in a place where I can have some again. A violet, sapphire carrier (possible RPA carrier) and a dark ebony possible ToV (possible black pearl, RPA carrier, but those are 2+ generations back in the pedigree). About 9 and 6 months...
  2. equus_peduus

    Oxbow Alfalfa Hay

    Well, things like brand quality can change over time, especially something as seasonally changeable as hay, so pulling up a thread like this isn't very useful :) There isn't really an "everything right" when it comes to pet care. There's a "do the best you can" (which it seems you've been...
  3. equus_peduus

    Oxbow Alfalfa Hay

    (you do realize you replied to a 10 year old post?) They said they got a bale, so way more than your little bag there. It probably didn't have a "brand" per se. A bale usually weighs in the neighborhood of 50+ lb, it's what, maybe a foot and a half by a copule of feet by 3 feet? Or larger...
  4. equus_peduus

    Angora Chinchillas

    I think maybe I'll float the question by the breeder and see what they say...
  5. equus_peduus

    Angora Chinchillas

    It's a fair question. I figure if I get 10 years, I'm doing well - my last chin died at 8 or 9 (looking back at it, I think it might have been a toxic plant in the hay, which I was sourcing from horse sources. The overall hay quality was better than what I was finding in pet stores, it was way...
  6. equus_peduus

    Angora Chinchillas

    so if I ask some questions about say, how she chooses her breeding stock and what she knows about the parents/grandparents/etc of her breeding stock and like what I hear, I shouldn't necessarily be wary of an animal that is from angora lines?
  7. equus_peduus

    Angora Chinchillas

    Interesting. From what I can tell, this breeder isn't having heavy losses like this, but I haven't spent a ton of time sounding them out yet, but they do offer babies for reservation at about a month old so I imagine they're not expecting losses. Most of their animals are angora or carrier. It...
  8. equus_peduus

    Angora Chinchillas

    Sorry to bring up an old post - Do the carriers have the same issues as the ones that express the longer coats? Vaguely related, at what age does one decide if a baby is a carrier or actually is angora? I'm looking at a baby who's got one angora parent and one carrier parent, and at not quite...
  9. equus_peduus

    Help..which waterproof digital camera???

    My dad goes kayaking and sailing and decided on a case or bag for his regular digital camera, rather than getting a camera that's waterproof. I know he was looking at both, not sure which he decided on. Seems to take decent pictures that way. I can ask him if you want.
  10. equus_peduus

    How to Burrito a chinchilla

    There's probably a lot of ways to do it... I personally do it the other way around. Place chinchilla with feet on a table or other flat surface. Bring towel up under chin, in front of legs. Snugly wrap around back of neck. Then flip chinchilla over if needed, while tucking edges of towel...
  11. equus_peduus

    Super Mario themed cage!

    Is this a person that one could contact? Manteca isn't exactly *close* but it's not *that* far either...
  12. equus_peduus

    Super Mario themed cage!

    where did you get that corner pan? I want one (or three) to try out! I love the piranha plant pipe!
  13. equus_peduus

    Blood sample

    The jugular shouldn't be hard - but it's small. The leg veins are harder to hit. It's a lot harder when they're awake, but often possible. Basically requires that the person doing the blood draw is experienced (doesn't *have* to be experienced at chins, necessarily - but they have to be...
  14. equus_peduus

    Horseback riding

    But if I can decrease the 18% chance I will get a serious injury, then I figure it's worth it. I've fallen from a horse, and I've hit my head on the ground, more than once, wearing a helmet. It might not have been a big deal in at least one case without a helmet - but it's always smart to...
  15. equus_peduus

    Giardia - Care

    The one other hard part is that it's fecal-oral transmission. With dogs, they did a study where the animals were bathed thoroughly at the beginning of treatment, then bathed again on the last day and transferred to brand new kennels; that eliminated enough of the fecal contamination *on the...
  16. equus_peduus

    Horseback riding

    I don't think any good helmet is "slim." But materials are lighter weight and a lot of them have better ventilation than they used to. Go for safety ratings of the helmet, not looks. Enjoy! I wish I had time to start riding again... :-)
  17. equus_peduus chin seems like dying!!

    Where in Northern California? If vaguely bay area, Adobe Vet in Los Altos is good, they are a 24-hour facility. (650)948-9661 . They will see cases during the day on the weekend on an "urgent care" basis (a little less expensive than emergency) UC Davis is near Sacramento if you're more...
  18. equus_peduus

    Help! I want to break my sewing machine

    And just to make sure... things are lined up right so that your needle is NOT "nicking" the foot as it comes down into the fabric? That's the only time I've broken a needle (thogh I haven't sewn that much that's really thick/heavy). Needle + metal = bad. Are you getting a snarl of thread on...
  19. equus_peduus

    Fleece Liners, the good/bad and the ugly!!

    I'm thinking about making a third set of liners so that I can save up and do a larger load of laundry at once. Three cages, three male chins, six liners, changed every 1-2 weeks, no shavings pan. I tend to get some odor at about 2 weeks when I'm being lazy, so I make an effort to do it weekly...
  20. equus_peduus

    the perfect brownie tray

    It gives you edges on every brownie! or at least, that's what it's supposed to do. I keep seeing it at walmart or something, and keep being tempted... I want to know how it turns out too :-)