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    Food question

    Rabbit pellets like nutrena and the manna brand (they have pro, sho, gro) are better than most pet store brand chin food like kaytee. Oxbow is about the only thing you can sometimes find in petstores and every now and then someone finds a shop that sells mazuri but for the most part those need...
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    Can We Start Dialogue about Gluten/Wheat Intolerance?

    I've never had an animal with wheat issues. I'm not entirely sure it exists with small animals who are designed to eat grasses and young seed heads. To test for it though you would need an elimination diet. It does not have to be nutritionally complete for short term testing. Just hay and a...
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    Chix Soup for a Cat Lovers Soul

    The regular version is a little high in fat. Probably not a big deal for a still growing hedgie but what you could do rather than throw it out is buy a bag of the light version and mix them together. Since the light is really really low in fat and slightly higher in protein and you have less...
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    Loofah Preference?

    All of mine are unimpressed by loofah. Eventually one piece got eaten but it took like 2 months. They quite love the bamboo and coconut shell and husk bird toys I've been getting. The young female cage took theirs apart a few weeks back and have been hauling the pieces around chewing on them...
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    Aika finally popped

    Yep Gallus' daughters. They are very healthy and fluffy. Rapidly going from wobbling to hopping around the cage. If they grow to the size of their mother and remain so fluffy we might keep one. Gallus is in with a nice beige right now for late spring babies.
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    Aika finally popped

    Both look female. The dark one is 49grams The mosiac is 51grams
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    Ferret nation 142 stand

    If you are looking for 180 not 140 stand you might able to contact the company for it but odds are low. If they don't sell it in stores they probably don't have extra produced and they'd end up stuck with a 181 that has no stand instead of you. I would just build a wood stand. Setting it up...
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    Wont Uncurl

    Often times animals start out seeming friendlier because they are excited by their new home and over stimulated. When they settle down they start deciding how much interaction they really want and feel comfortable turning you away. Really the only answer is patience. Hedgehogs in particular...
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    Aika finally popped

    Well I haven't seen many newborn colors so I'm not entirely sure what these will do. I crossed a tov white and a standard with no ebony background on pedigree. I think we got a black velvet (not certain about the lighter tail color though) and a mosiac (standard with white) that has just a...
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    Aika finally popped

    She's been laying around uncomfortable for weeks. We were beginning to ask her if she ever planned on having those kits. Then late this morning we found these little guys.
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    Mazuri BHA

    For it's purpose Mazuri is a pretty good food but really you are better off with good quality (not royal canin) cat food. Preferably 2-3 that work for your hedgehog but of course add them one at a time starting in low amounts. It'll be cheaper to buy it locally for a better quality than any...
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    Awful smell/anointing

    Did he poop and happen to shove his head in it? Maybe while being distracted with other activities. I've had them do that during transport when they are balled up in a small space.
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    A few do feed dried berries like goji and Ronda's chinchillas sells several supplements including papaya chunks because of their health benefits. Overall though most would not feed fruit and especially not fresh fruit. Dried fruit also has to be sourced carefully, ie buy from a chinchilla...
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    Chinchilla Food

    I agree. At least cut back the hay so he runs out for awhile between feedings. You are only enabling him to avoid pellets.
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    Any experience with any of these treats?

    Willow items are fine but generally don't last very long with a big mess on the cage floor. 100% wood ledges should all be fine. However I would not feed any treats sold from petstores except oxbow and all pellets should be plain pellets with nothing mixed in. I've heard others use antlers...
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    Squishable Chinchilla design

    About $20 plus moderate shipping fee to the continental US.
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    HELP ASAP!! Unexpected pregnancy and escaping kits!!

    Hardware or feed stores will have hardware cloth with small spacing. Make sure it is at least as tall as the cage because they will climb the whole way up to escape.
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    Today's interesting chinchilla events

    Katsu showed off his intelligence of levels again. I started removing stuff from the top level for cleaning so he went to the bottom level. I put Aime in the pen to dust bathe and went to catch Katsu and empty the lower level. Katsu came flying up from the bottom, bounced through the hole...
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    New hedgie, first time owner

    Hoglets start eating solid food on their own within a few weeks. Although they aren't usually separated from their mom until 6-8weeks and then sold at 8-10weeks. 5 week olds should be perfectly capable of eating any properly balanced cat food. If you want to start with softer food get canned...
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    Ughh water bottles

    Get lixits. I just retired my more than 10 year old lixit because the seal finally went bad. Bought 3 more. :P I also had critter canteens but they are plastic and despite being on the outside of the cage one female did decide to chew a tiny hole in the top. So it's all glass lixits for the...