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    Fabric for Chins

    No, it is not safe to use batting with chins. They have been known to chew through fleece.
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    Disinfecting a cage for another chin

    I clean cages using hydrogen peroxide and white vinegar. Get two spray bottles, one for hydrogen peroxide and one for vinegar. Spray one then spray the other (doesn't matter which is first), let sit then you can either rinse it off or just wipe it off. This combination is awesome and kills most...
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    Custom chin art

    Irina's work is absolutely stunning, pictures don't do it justice. I have a number of her ACEO prints, both chins and rats.
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    Travel Cage Ideas??

    I've done a number of presentations with the chins at my local Humane Society and a couple of classrooms. I use a cat carrier to get them to and from the event and the large Martin's Rat Playpen to hold them during the presentation. The playpen is large enough for them to move around and open...
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    Look at my newest custom collection....

    Looks like you may need another. :laughitup:
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    Look at my newest custom collection....

    YAY, I'm glad everything arrived safely and most importantly that you're happy with your treasures. The luggage tag will be mailed tomorrow.
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    Giraffe Cam

    Very cool. A photographer friend was there when one of our giraffe calves was born earlier this year. Click here for birthing photo.
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    Has Anyone Tried The Leo Braun Style Wheel

    I've not tried the Leo Braun Style wheels that are being made now, but I have several of the old Leo Braun wheels. They are by far my favorite wheel.
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    Making hedgie bags with fabric art

    Sounds like fun. I'd love to see the end results.
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    Weeing out of cage and dry skin on ears/feet

    Both Bag Balm and Vaseline are petroleum based products. I don't use them on animals that can lick, groom or ingest the product. I would go with Vitamin E or coconut oil, both of which won't hurt if digested.
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    Bottoms for Ferret Nation

    I had a local cage company make my pans, similar to the Bass pans. The cost per pan was a little more than Bass, but I was also buying in bulk and saved a ton on shipping.
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    Safe to store supplies on top of a chinchilla cage?

    I went to Home Depot with my FN measurements and had them cut me wood to put on top. I store lots of stuff on top of the wood. I've never had a problem.
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    Help need advice

    No he is not correct. There have been cases of chins contracting bordatella (which was fatal to the chins) and toxoplasmosis from cats. Can the sick cat be kept in the bathroom?
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    Chinchillas are OLD

    Evolution vs. creation is part and parcel of religious belief systems, we will not be debating them here.
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    This is why most of us recommend that you keep chins and cats away from each other.
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    Bass pans fit CN?

    The FN pans on the Bass site fit the CN perfectly.
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    This has to be bumblefoot!!!

    Crysta, I love that you photographed and posted poop photos. This is a great example of how each chin has different poop and how important it is to learn what is "normal" for each individual chin. :clap1:
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    Diabetic recipes?

    There are lots of on-line resources for paleo recipes. is one of my favorites. I used to be a carb and sugar junkie and I felt ill all the time and had horrible acid reflux. Since giving up all grains and sugar I feel so much better.
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    Diabetic recipes?

    Stackie, I suggest looking into the paleo or primal way of eating. Type II diabetes can be totally reversed through diet changes.
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    Anyone evr give bad apple juice to a nursing mother?

    I would never leave bottles of juice/water mix hanging for longer than 8 hours. Nasty bacteria starts growing way before you see any mold.