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    Ryersons supplement

    Anyone know where I can buy the grain mix? I know I can get clovite at feed store.
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    Ryersons supplement

    I heard that the Ryersons have retired. My boys love their supplement. Is anyone selling it now?
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    Sick Chin, suspecting Malo

    I second pain meds and also syringe feeding to help keep his nutrition up.
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    How do I treat my chinchillas ringworm??

    Hmm.. I'm not a 100% positive but I'm pretty sure Lysol/Pinesol etc could be toxic to chins. I know it can be toxic to some pets just walking across a mopped floor and then licking paws. A weekly thorough cage scrub with bleach and rinsing well with water would be best. Vinegar and water cage...
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    What to do with chinchillas during a hurricane?

    Any period of time with a/c could be deadly to chins. Meaning temps combined with high humidity. I would have a safety net for short period of no a/c and high temps(freezer bottles wrapped in fleece, frozen/cold chin chillers or granite tiles) that can be safely place in cage for chin to lay...
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    Dawnna of chocolate chinchillas

    Sadly Dawnna passed away within the last two years. I too was a true believer in her product and was hopeful that it might be continued to be produced by heirs or her patent sold so that the chin world could benefit from it. Alas this hasn't occurred to my knowledge and exhaustive search for...
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    Flying with my Chinchilla

    You would be better off finding an animal transporter who transports over the road. Haven't found an airline who takes chinchillas on flights and the one that Large chin Breeders can afford to use are only affordable when flying at least 10 chinchilla or more.I would check around with some of...
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    Tips for DIY Cages? -- Use of Plywood in Exterior

    I would think that the plywood and other hardware for a home made cage would be pretty close to cost of a ferret nation unless shipping is totally out range. Plus the plywood is going to absorb urine and start to stink fairly quickly/harder to clean than metal Nations.
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    Getting off CC/EFL

    you could try mixing a few pellets in with the cc/efl blend. If you put a few drops of warm water on the pellets they will mush up. Then gradually use more pellets less cc/efl in the mix.Worth a try.
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    Wood for making huts?

    Poplar is more expensive initially but it's also harder wood and takes longer for the chin to destroy. Otherwise kd pine/white wood is what you're looking for.
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    Advice for putting away a cage

    Could you possibly repair the areas where bars are snapped? You could for lack of better description put a patch of pine board behind the areas where bars are snapped and just mount the board to the cage with regular hardware. I always mount my wheels from the inside of the cage over the bars...
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    Choking motion when syringe feeding

    Some chins will eat CC from the spoon or even their bowl .Maybe you could see if she will self feed this way and avoid the syringe altogether?
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    Tooth/Gum Injury

    Yes. It's the liquid drops that you put under your tongue if you're human. LOL!
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    Tooth/Gum Injury

    I hope something works for you soon! Just an idea but I give my chins a little liquid B-!2 in their CC or give by syringe. It takes good so they usually love it and I found that it stimulates their appetite a bit. Watching your posts and praying for ya'll.
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    How much pumpkin is safe?

    I would only add a small teaspoon or less to my 30ml cc mixture
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    Tooth/Gum Injury

    If I remember correctly both of my chins who had to be anesthetized for dental exams or treatment the vet only used gas-nothing at all injectable. Peggy aka Tunes, ticklechin what do ya'll think of xrays? I've been blessed not to have any experience with malo but I'm pretty sure these ladies have!
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    Tooth/Gum Injury

    If you have time to post the xrays here there are several members with extensive experience with malo that might look at them for you too!
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    Tooth/Gum Injury

    Did his exam show anything of concern?
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    Hay feeder ideas!?

    Actually there are also several online chinchilla suppliers in Canada. Off the top of my head, are just a few. You may also want to contact some of the chinchilla rescues in Canada as many sell products to support their rescues. Some breeders...