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  1. momenteller

    New Member Here

  2. momenteller

    Whose Birthday is 4/5/13?

  3. momenteller

    Whose Birthday is 4/8/13?

  4. momenteller

    Whose Birthday is 4/9/13?

  5. momenteller


  6. momenteller

    newbie rescuer of all critters!

  7. momenteller

    Outer Banks chins! :relax:

  8. momenteller

    My cuties!

    So cute! Congrats on your new family members.
  9. momenteller

    So sorry for your loss. :(
  10. momenteller

    A few pictures of my handsome little guys!

    Very cute! I love your descriptions of them. :))
  11. momenteller

    Les Misérables!

    I can't wait to see it! I've seen the stage show 3 or 4 times because its my mom's favorite. I want to introduce my daughter to it (she's nearly 12) but not sure how she's going to handle it. We'll bring lots of tissues and hope for the best!
  12. momenteller

    Best website/store to get chinsafe toys, etc?

    You may be able to find a 141/142 on Craigslist. Depends if it is worth the time searching, and cleaning a potentially gross cage to save money and get the older model.
  13. momenteller

    What did you get for Christmakwanzakah?

    That's awesome Ann! Quilts are a lot of work for someone at any age! What a special keepsake.
  14. momenteller

    What did you get for Christmakwanzakah?

    I got some knitting supplies and stuff for my grill/smoker. But I have two daughters and it is always more exciting to give them toys than for me to receive. They got a WiiU, Legos, and lots of art supplies. We've been playing non-stop since xmas. :D
  15. momenteller

    Best website/store to get chinsafe toys, etc?

    I love my FNs! Here is a thread to give you ideas on setup: All of my cage fleece is from Camphor Chins, although we have some fleece from AnnieO's ChinChic also. I buy my wood primarily from Ronda or...
  16. momenteller

    Got our Christmas decorations up

    Looks very festive! Henry is a lucky boy!
  17. momenteller

    Why Chinchilla and Hedgehogs??

    Melissa, you make me laugh. :laughitup:
  18. momenteller

    Hello! :)