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  1. Minccino

    New Chin--Ripley

    Awww, she is really pretty! :heart: So sorry for the loss of your other chin.
  2. Minccino

    Christmas Chinnies 2016

    Oh my goodness! LOVE all the pics! What little hams for the camera :heart:
  3. Minccino

    Cuddle Ledge

    Like these? I bought mine from the link I gave :)) She is based in the US so the shipping shouldn't be much for you.
  4. Minccino

    New here

    Hi and welcome! :wave:
  5. Minccino

    How did your furbabies get their names?

    I was watching a lot of Vampire Diaries at the time. Elijah is one of the characters and it is a name I like and had in mind at the time lol Eli for short is just adorable sounding too :))
  6. Minccino

    Chinchilla unexpectedly passed away?

    So sorry to hear about your chin ((hugs)) I can imagine you must have been very shocked.. :(
  7. Minccino

    Christmas Chinnies 2016

    Feel free to post your Christmas-y photos here too! Eli says; Don't forget to leave cookies out for Santa! ;)
  8. Minccino

    Willow's Quinceanera

    Oh my gosh, how adorable!!! :heart: What a beautiful lady :))
  9. Minccino

    Need to rant!

    Wow, that's horrible :( I'm so glad they are with you now!! I'm sure the chins appreciate it too
  10. Minccino

    Newbie here

    Welcome! :wave:
  11. Minccino

    Happy Birthday Elijah

    Thanks, Kendra! :)
  12. Minccino

    Happy Birthday Elijah

    Thank you :))
  13. Minccino

    Happy Birthday Elijah

    Yesterday, we celebrated him turning 2 years old :heart: I thought it'd be fun to make a little party hate out of paper and snap a couple pictures hehe. :HB13:
  14. Minccino

    New Chin Babies :)

    Aww, I was hoping for pictures! lol How exciting! Congrats on the new additions :))
  15. Minccino

    Hey everyone :)

    Welcome! :wave: Your chinnies are super cute :heart:
  16. Minccino

    Fleece cuddler

    I doubt he is too cold at night. Many chinchillas like to cuddle, and fleece is perfectly fine. :)) Fleece pillows are really easy to make! You can also buy chinchilla shaped fleece buddies from ChinChic! Here is my Eli with one of his cuddle toys!
  17. Minccino

    Lil' miss Rain's new terracotta hut

    Aww, how cute :heart: I'll bet she'll like to perch up on top of it too.
  18. Minccino


    So sorry for your loss :( :heart: RIP little one.
  19. Minccino

    Fleece Themes

    Those are cute! Pretty much what I get for Eli, anything with different shades of blues or blues and greens. I am in love with the forest critter theme too (owls, foxes, squirrels).
  20. Minccino

    Hey there Everyone

    Welcome! :wave: