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    Is Having Only One Chinchilla Bad?

    THANK YOU. I just got 'scolded' because I don't think all chins need a partner...If they're getting attention and look happy, then they're fine. I don't think they're any less happy alone than with a pair. I feel like people humanize animals far too much, and that can get dangerous...anywho. end...
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    420 Chinchillas Rescued

    They contacted the SDHS...HSUS is just as bad, if not worse than PETA, and are run by the same couple. Food for thought. (The founders of HSUS and PETA are married)
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    Work rant.

    Oh my gosh. Why I ever decided to do Customer Service is beyond me. It seems like no matter what I do, how I say something, I ALWAYS have customers upset with me. For instance: Just had a guy come in with his daughter. He kept rambling on a mile a minute, Chomping and slurping his gum, and I...
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    Favorite color/ Dream color

    BooBoo, LV chins has a couple goldbar babies for sale, for decent prices ;D I would LOVE a violet or sapphire, or blue diamond!! I just love the muted colors like that, and it makes them look soooo sweet!
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    420 Chinchillas Rescued

    "Rescued"...unfortunately, once again, PETA has done more harm than good. I expect most of these chins will live a year, tops. I wish there was a way to direct more people to these forums for GOOD info, so that we could educate everyone on the proper care. What I'm honestly surprised at, is...
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    Appa is small?

    yeah, I do appreciate all the feedback ^-^ I hate how people aren't willing to admit they made a mistake...mistakes are something to learn from, and others can learn from the very mistakes you made!
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    Appa is small?

    That does make sense..I didn't really think about how cool it got in the evening. I knew the dog one, as my boyfriend's uncle is a vet, and he says that in smooshed face dogs, anything over 85 is lethal to them, so he advises no walks in that weather, just quick pee trips, and walks when it's...
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    Appa is small?

    Do you, or does anyone have links to these studies? My point is, if they don't over exert themselves in cage, why would they outside of it? I like to research stuff like this, is all, and everything I can find says it's fine to let babies out...he normally just sits in my lap, or crawls up to...
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    Appa is small?

    Plenty =]
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    Appa is small?

    That makes sense. I'll definitely keep an eye out for any issues. He's not going to be bred. Strictly pet.
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    Appa is small?

    Why is size such a huge concern, though? If they're naturally built to get 500g, why do breeders push for much, much bigger? The only benefit I can see from a bigger chin, is a bigger pelt...and well...most of us keep chins as pets. See what I'm getting at? ;D
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    Appa is small?

    Is size an issue? It's not like I'm forcing him to play...I simply open his doors, and most of the time he comes out, though there are times when he'd rather stay inside his cage. So idk.
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    Appa is small?

    I posted last night in a FB forum about Appa only being 280g at almost 4 months old (April 19th is his birthday). They're trying to say it's because his cage is too big and I let him out, so it's inhibiting his size...which I'm sort of not buying. Chinchillas in the wild aren't inhibited on...
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    Bonding time

    How long do you usually find it takes a chin to fully bond with an owner? And how do you tell? My rescue boy and I bonded immediately. He always wanted to be out and with me, from the minute I brought him home. My new baby seems to be the same. He comes right up to the cage and nibbles on my...
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    Baby treats...

    Whoops. Just read that babies shouldn't be given any treats until they're 6 months old...I've given my new baby a couple rose hips and like...2 organic steel cut oats....he didn't have any change in his poops or attitude, so hopefully all will be okay xD
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    What do you personally look for in a breeding pair?

    Could you send me info on those?? The only place that shows up when I search for Chinchilla shows are ones that the MCBA have on their site, and alllll of those are back east. California is MUCH more do-able, haha
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    What do you personally look for in a breeding pair?

    I'm curious about this as well, but going to a show isn't exactly in the cards for me. I live in utah, and the closest show is Ohio...and that isn't exactly close. It'd be nice to know kinda what to look for, instead of always getting the same "oh go to a show, go find a breeder"...because for...
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    Apple wood!

    We had a pretty terrible storm back in May that brought a bunch of branches and trees down. My dad is finally getting around to splitting up the large branch from our HUGE apple tree, and is giving me dibs on twigs and branches (which I'll likely make into perches). There is more than enough to...
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    Appa is home!

    He loves to scare me to death!! His newest thing is jumping from his bottom shelf straight out of his cage! Scares the poop out of me xD I think as he gets older and I see what he's capable of, I'll be more's just too cute to watch him run up and down them as fast as he can xD
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    Drop in to a slide out

    Do you use the clear ones, or do they come in other colors? Right now, I've just got a large, reusable pie tin, heh. He's small enough that he fits, but we all know how fast they grow.