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    Vet: Northern Virginia

    I've been going to an excellent veterinary clinic for my chin(s) for the past 2-3 years in Northern Virginia and just wanted to post a link to their website in case anyone in the DC Metro area is looking for a great exotic vet for their chinnies in this area. I've been extremely happy with the...
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    Over a year and my chins still don't like me

    I've had 5 and only 1 of them liked to be pet and held. All the rest have had independent and spunky personalities. This is normal. :)
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    What is the best type of probiotic for chins? I have Probiocin currently that I give my chin when he is sick but wondering if there is something better out there to give him. Thank you!
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    We miss you Chilla!

    Yesterday we had to say goodbye to our beautiful girl Chilla. She was 17 years old and I had her since she was a baby. She had such a loving and cuddly personality. Luv'd to be scratched behind the ears, and to run, climb (with momma's supervision because she was partially blind), and play. She...
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    Lonely Chin

    Thank you all for your suggestions and support. It sounds like we are on the right track = extra attention, more playtime and toys, and you're right - it will take time to adjust. Thanks again, Rachel, BamBam, and Chilla
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    Lonely Chin

    BamBam my 11 yr old recently lost his life long cage buddy and dad Charles who was 18 yrs old (we miss you Charles, rest in peace luv). I was wondering if there is anything I can do to make the transition process easier for BamBam. I can tell he misses Charles and his behavior is a little...