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    Help!!!! Unexpected Chinchilla Pregnancy

    Hi all. Baby unfortunately passed away. I don’t think mom was aware of his passing as he was still under her. Thank you for all your support.
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    Help!!!! Unexpected Chinchilla Pregnancy

    We separated mom and dad as soon as I saw the baby. So unfortunately she most likely is pregnant again as I had no idea she was even a she. Also, she gave birth to the baby yesterday morning and since has not given birth to another. Her belly does not seem hard. She seems to be doing well and...
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    Help!!!! Unexpected Chinchilla Pregnancy

    Hi there! I am in some real need of advice. I have 2 chinchillas. I was told they were both males. This morning one of my presumed male chinchillas gave birth to a baby. The baby does not have its eyes open and it weighed a little over 22grams. It is the only baby and mom seems to be nurturing...