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  1. Lisa

    Washington State ECBC Sanctioned Show 2014

    Yay! It would be good to see you again! I haven't been to a chin show in ages, so I'm really looking forward to this!
  2. Lisa


    My husband reported that he seems like he's feeling better. He's still eating like normal (woohooo!), is more active, and is being a little booger when it comes to take his meds. Thanks for asking and get those positive thoughts coming!
  3. Lisa


    After an emergency vet visit because of a lack of appetitie, I learned that my chin, Digit, has pneumonia. The results of the x-ray show that his right lung is full of gunk. He's been at the vet for the past two days getting treatment through meds and a nebulizer. He's coming home tonight. I'm...
  4. Lisa

    Chinchilla Sounds Resource

    For those the sounds aren't working for, make sure you have an updated version of Quicktime.
  5. Lisa

    The Dreaded Chin Ban

    Mine is more of a time and space issue than an outright ban. Though I think my fiance would have a cow if we got another at this point in time, I can see him caving if the chin had come from an abusive home. All four boys fit comfortably in one room and get rotating play time but five would be...
  6. Lisa

    February 5, 2011 Colorado Branch ECBC Sanctioned Show

    The weather is supposed to be good on Saturday and the 40% chance of snow on Sunday is hit or miss. Sometimes they get it right and sometimes they don't. I'm more worried about Wyoming for you guys. There's nothing there to block the wind and it's supposed to snow this Friday through Tuesday...
  7. Lisa

    preventing foot infection

    Thanks, Leah. What did you end up doing as treatment for Polo?
  8. Lisa

    preventing foot infection

    Uggg. It looks so much worse on film.
  9. Lisa

    preventing foot infection

    A couple days ago, I noticed blood on one of Digit's shelves. I checked him out and his rear paw looked like it had taken off about 3 or 4 layers in one spot. It was red, but didn't look swollen and wasn't draining pus. He got rinsed with saline, Blu Kote'd, and then Bag Balm was put on there...
  10. Lisa

    Vet Check Ups

    The only time I've done a vet check up with no issues on the chin's part was to get teeth checked out while they were under anesthesia. I adopted two rescues and wanted to see where their dental health was at. I've found wellness checks for chins to be a waste otherwise. I remember one vet who...
  11. Lisa

    Chin names and how they came to be

    Basil: My boyfriend asked me in a British accent which spaghetti sauce I wanted to use for dinner, garlic and olive oil or tomato and basil. Basil stuck. Digit: He's named for what his missing. He was a rescue and has had quite a few of his front toes bitten off. Murphy: My boyfriend named...
  12. Lisa

    My Pericles...

    Oh Sumiko, I'm sorry. What happened?
  13. Lisa

    contacting JP Chinchillas

    Anyone heard from Judy lately? I've emailed her half a dozen times in as many months and haven't heard anything back from her. Would someone who's been in touch with her recently be willing to forward my email address to her? This is my last ditch effort.
  14. Lisa

    not eating after toe injury

    For those of you with CC addicts, how does your chin behave when you hand feed them? I've heard people liken it to deep throating the syringe - they can't get enough. I have to fight to get Baz to take it lately. He's slipped so much fur that I can see skin. I took Basil into the vet yesterday...
  15. Lisa

    not eating after toe injury

    Pffft. Figures. I held his food dish up to his face yesterday morning and he went to town. Lazy little git ;) It there one way of grinding pellets that's easier than another? For example, a coffee grinder works better than a food processor or vice versa? Smash them with a hammer?
  16. Lisa

    not eating after toe injury

    Not anymore. He had enough Metacam for about 5 days.
  17. Lisa

    not eating after toe injury

    Basil got his toe bitten 3 weeks ago by my other chin, Digit ( He was on Baytril for about three days and then was on TMS. The antibiotics have been done for about three days now. I've been hand feeding for about two weeks and recently...
  18. Lisa

    broken tail - how to tell

    Got the little guy check out and no broken tail here. Phew! Just being paranoid.
  19. Lisa

    broken tail - how to tell

    I cringe even as I write this, but how would you tell if a chin has a broken tail? Would they cry when you touch that area? Would you be able to feel the break?
  20. Lisa

    bitten toe

    He got about 10 mL of CC in this evening in addition to his antibiotic and Propulsid, which I picked up from the vet today. He's on his own for the evening and will be fed again tomorrow. As a side note, he'll chow down on his oat hay, but not timmy, and I gave him some feed left over from...