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    Weather fun

    If it's sunny this Sunday, I might take my truck for a drive. I installed a new set of Toyo tires that I bought from 4WheelOnline and I want to take it for a test run.
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    My Website

    Nice website. I love the details of your dragon. I know for sure you'll do more great art in the future.
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    all albinos with vids

    I love albinos. They look lovely.
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    God, I miss Farmville. That's what I mostly do in Facebook when apps were still not a thing.
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    Alice in Wonderland

    The first one is okay, but the sequel is not even that good.
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    Your FAVOURITE book EVER?

    Mine would be The Wonderful Wizard of OZ by L. Frank Baum.
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    When one chin turns on another....(graphic pics).

    I feel really sad reading this thread.
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    Hedgehog wont excersice?

    I actually take mine outside his cage to walk until he's used to it then he would always try to use the wheel. My only problem is that my wheel squeaks so badly because I bought the metal one.
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    1 or 2 Hedgies?

    It's more feasible to start with one.
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    My new baby! :)

    She's adorable!
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    Babies with eaten off tails

    Sorry, your photos are not viewable.
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    2016 ECBC Colorado State Show

    Great photos! Thanks for sharing.
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    Thinking about adopting one or two chin(s)

    Dear God, this thread is really informative and comprehensive. I took my time to read every feedback regarding the author's inquiry.
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    Thank you!
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    New owner nerves

    Well, this is an exciting news. Update and tell us more about your first-hand experience as a first-time owner. I wish you best of luck!
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    Hi everyone. My name is Sam. I'm a proud dad of my two hedgehogs. I actually started with Teddy bear and Siberian hamsters. Now, I joined the community to know more about what it takes to own chinchillas.