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  1. meiying

    Depression hurt

    Hi Chinchiq, After weeks of guessing and thinking, I need to accept the fact that my depressed boyfriend will not recovered for a while. I have tried several times to talk to him for the past 8 weeks and I came to realized tonight that I am not responsible for his happiness, I need to accept...
  2. meiying

    Does this shelf make me look fat?

    hehe so very cute :)
  3. meiying

    Depression hurt

    Thank you Lynn!!!:hug2:
  4. meiying

    Depression hurt

    Riven, thank you again. What you mentioned maybe exactly what my boyfriend is doing. I have been doing yoga (I am a yoga teacher myself) and talking to friends (long-distance calls lol). The other day i was at yoga, i told my friends how much i wish i could convince my bf to do yoga again...
  5. meiying

    Depression hurt

    Dreamlite, thank you again for your reply. I feel very quilty that I did not ask him about the cipralex that I found shortly after we started dating. I thought it was for his sleeping disorder, and that was 3 years ago. I hope he will open up to me, I LOVE to talk to him. Some people said it...
  6. meiying

    Depression hurt

    Hi Dreamlite, thank you very much forsharing your story, I really appreciate that . I think one of the reasons that makes me sad is the fact that he confessed and apologized said "I am sorry that I have been treating you like sh*ts/garbage and it is not fair, you dont deserve this". What I got...
  7. meiying

    Depression hurt

    Well... I dont know what to do and i am lost. My boyfriend of almost 3 years, told me that he is depressed 5 days ago... I never knew.... It has been very tough for me because he took off right after he told me that he is depressed. We have been living together the whole time , months after we...
  8. meiying

    What can I feed him?

    Can you overfeed rosehips??
  9. meiying

    Ranch Brands and Gross pictures!

    1st pic: i put medication on his nose, so it looks wet 2nd pic: got back from the vet, fur near his ear was missing 3rd-5th: missing fur, nose and ears
  10. meiying

    Ranch Brands and Gross pictures!

    Here are some pics of my chin while he had fungus couple years ago;)
  11. meiying

    Some random pics of Cinnamon in a castle.

    Big and blocky chin!!! Very lovely~~ May I ask how much did u pay for the castle? And where can I get it? Thanks.
  12. meiying

    Tov Mosaic or White Mosaic???

    I can't tell her colors but oh myyyyy isnt she beautiful ;)
  13. meiying

    pics of my boys

    aww very adorable chins, seems like they are being spoiled already! ;) I LOVE the chin in the hay box pic, how cute~~
  14. meiying

    Does my guinea pig like eating newspaper??

    I have two male guinea pigs that are housed seperately in a cage due to aggression. They can still see and smell each other through the wood fence but they cant get to each other anymore. One of the pigs is on a smaller size (1104g) comparing to my other pig but is the aggressive one. He is...
  15. meiying

    housing question for my two boys

    I have two chins. One is from a petstore (Chester), one is a rescue (Jeffy). I was lucky that they got along great, i have read other posts that chins might not get along and might fight. My rescue is a dominant one, he always steals sticks from Chester (even i always give each a stick at the...
  16. meiying

    Running on the outside of the wheel

    :hilarious: that is just priceless, silly chins!!!
  17. meiying

    Happy Birthday Tanya!

    Happy Birthday Tanya!!!!!!!:hug2:
  18. meiying

    Chincilla at a petstore

    I know it has been happening a lot all over the world, and many members have heard or seen that, but it is still hard for me to see a lone chinchilla being treated like that.... My bf got my first chinchilla at that petstore back then when we didnt know any better about chinchillas and petstore...
  19. meiying

    Luna in Action

    sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fluffy and cute
  20. meiying

    Bella pictures!