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    What's new?

    I have two chinnies, Astrid, a standard, whose 5 and Skye, a violet whose 2 next month. I would love an angora but I'm worried adding a third would upset things between my two, who are inseperable. I'd rather have two happy chins than risk ending up with three miserable ones so it's a pipe dream...
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    Help, think my chin has a fungus

    Thank you so much Amethyst:thumbs:. I threw out every wooden toy and house and I was debating how best to clean the shed out efficiently when I realised that looking closely it was in a far worse state than I'd first thought. It's 13 years old anyway and was feeling it's age and I think the...
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    Help, think my chin has a fungus

    I have a 4 year old chinchilla and a month ago I bought her a baby for company. After a few initial squabbles they're now happy together from what I can see and hear. However last night I noticed the baby suddenly has a tiny bald spot below one eye and all around her nose and whiskers. Her...
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    Chin is bored of hay, how can I get her to eat it?

    There's nothing wrong with her, she's active, happy, bright eyed and bushy tailed and chews all her wooden chew sticks and toys. But she seems to have got bored with hay and doesn't appear to be eating much of it. I've been giving her alfalfa king Timothy hay and the oat barley one in the purple...
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    Pervue Hendryx 490 Corner Cage

    It's a nice, different looking cage for sure but I wouldn't have it over a FN/CN. To start with, the doors look a real pain. After being used to the great access the FN offers those small restrictive doors would drive me crazy! They'd almost certainly add to clean out time too as it'd be much...
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    Solitary Chin lonely? Please help me brainstorm solution.

    If he calls at night when he's half asleep are you sure he's not just doing the equivalent of us making a noise in our sleep? If not, I'd agree with Amethyst, he can hear or sense something outside, a cat or something maybe. Also bear in mind it's springtime, animals naturally come awake more...
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    Can chinchillas eat Readigrass?

    Thanks Ticklechin:thumbsup: . I'm not going to use it instead of hay or give her loads, I thought I could mix a bit in with her normal hays to make it seem new and enticing. She seems fed up of the two she usually has, I think she needs a bit of variety as the bags are quite big for one chin so...
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    Can chinchillas eat Readigrass?

    My local pet shop has got a bag of this in and I want to know if it's safe to give my chin? I thought it would make a change from her meadow and timothy hay, which she's getting rather bored of.
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    Fleece Themes

    Try here, you'll be spoilt for choice: There's lots of boy patterns if you scroll down:))
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    Water Bottle

    I use a superpet critter canteen bottle. It doesn't leak a bit as its spring loaded and only lets water out when pressure is applied to the tip. It's a plastic bottle but I made a metal guard for it so it can't be reached and chewed.
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    Cleaning a branch

    Chocolatekisses that's exactly what I ended up doing, bath with boiling water then scrubbed it clean of any mossy bits. I also sanded it to get rid of any hidden bits. My chin loves it and has stripped almost all the bark off it! Gsbuickman it's 2ft long so it was too big to fit in the oven. It...
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    Bedding vs Fleece vs Tile

    Fleece is the only safe fabric, and yes I have the towelling inside out of reach. Fleece liners are generally made by sewing a piece of towel in between two layers of fleece, which in the US is fine as its hot so it dries easily. Over here the unpredictable British weather meant my liners were...
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    Bedding vs Fleece vs Tile

    Shavings are a pain and go everywhere and they quickly fill the dustbin. Our rubbish is only collected every 3 weeks so that was no good. Fleece on the other hand I love. I find it really easy, I like sewing and have a sewing machine so liners don't take long to make. They don't smell at all...
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    Being a Worry Wort about new Kit.

    Woah, that is way too many shelves! Actually at only 5" long they wouldn't be shelves, they'd be ledges, and whilst ledges are good, you also need some full length shelves to, so the chin can run along the whole length in one go rather than lots of individual pieces. With 28 ledges one way and...
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    Possible date for New Arrival :~)

    That is brilliant Lucy! What a fab present to yourself! And I second everyone else, pics are a must! :thumbsup: I'm not sure how to do them on a kindle though, I don't know a thing about them, I didn't even know you could go on the Internet with one, I thought they were just for reading ebooks on!
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    Is Copper pipe safe?

    Wow yours have a lot more differences than ours! Ours is called soil pipe as that's all it is, a pipe for waste. Our drinking water pipes are completely different looking things, their more like a garden hose, or for hot water, copper tubing. Water pipes come in bright electric blue, whereas the...
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    Is Copper pipe safe?

    My chin doesn't mind some things being changed but hates others. She has no problem whatsoever with me putting new or different things in the cage, but when I had to move a chair in the living room over Christmas as it was the only place to fit the tree, she completely flipped out and it took me...
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    Nursery for baby Chin?

    Can they really climb the bars of a cage? Gosh I never knew that. The ones I've seen in pet shops are always sat on the shelves or in their bed box, even mine when I got her at ten weeks never once attempted to climb the actual cage, only the shelves and toys in it. She does try and climb me if...
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    Newbie with lots of Q's :~)

    The single bath thing, I was told by someone who used to breed chins so I'm presuming they were taught it by someone else. It was one bath per chin so that the sand isn't risking cross contamination, which seemed logical to me. People don't share the same bath water so why should chins share...
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    Nursery for baby Chin?

    Sorry that should be 12" not 18. 18 is far too big a gap.