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  1. eroomlorac

    Two rescues

    I have two rescue chinchillas from a raid of a exatic animal distribution center in Nee Orleans. I participated in a driving relay to get chinchillas to adoptive homes up in Illinois. My chins names are Nora and Nola.
  2. eroomlorac

    Happy Birthday Carol--eroomlorac!

    Working, hanging with my daughter and granddaughter, living life. I'll try to stop here more often. My chinnies are all happy and healthy.
  3. eroomlorac

    Escaped Chinchilla!

    I keep a small Hav-a-hart live trap for this very occasion. I put it along the wall where he might be running. You can also bait it with a treat. They are relatively inexpensive and you only need to buy them once.
  4. eroomlorac

    Happy Birthday Carol--eroomlorac!

    Hahaha............better late than never. Thank you, everyone. :thanks2:
  5. eroomlorac

    Oxbow (in NE) will stop selling to the public as of 12/1/11

    I'm a little nervous about getting Oxbow Chinchilla Deluxe, too. I'm going to call around in the next few days to see what I can come up with. I don't want to switch my girls' feed.
  6. eroomlorac


    She's old enough to know the difference between the walls she can write on and the walls she shouldn't write on. I definitely would have permitted her to do so, as you would have. My stipulation would have been when she got tired of it, she would have to help paint over the writings. I always...
  7. eroomlorac

    Who here has playpens?

    I have a Marshall's play pen and I rarely use it for the chinchillas. I prefer just letting them run around the bathroom will I sit on the floor and let them climb on me. I do use the play pen to put the guinea pigs out in the shady grass sometimes in the summer, though. I have a cover I put...
  8. eroomlorac

    WI MCBA Regional Show

    I'd be willing to pick you up in Milwaukee, too. :thumbsup: Better yet, can you see if you could fly in to Rockford, Illinois? That wouldn't be out of my way at all. And I do believe it might be relatively inexpensive.
  9. eroomlorac

    Rat lost inside built in desk

    Buy a small live trap (Hav-A-Hart) and bait it with something Delicious. I guarantee you'll catch her safe and sound that way.
  10. eroomlorac

    Whose Birthday is 3/21/11?

  11. eroomlorac

    Whose Birthday is it? 02/28/11

  12. eroomlorac

    Who's Birthday is is 2/19/11

    Aack!! ****! I'm sorry I missed it. :HB13::HB10:
  13. eroomlorac

    Whose Birthday is it? 02/18/11

    That would be good for a laugh, indeed.......if you'd like to be entertained by me falling on my butt. :laughitup:
  14. eroomlorac

    Question about the Water Buddy...

    Definitely use some sort of guard. I had a Water Buddy that my girls chewed a whole in. I was heartbroken since they are getting hard to find and are expensive. I still use Water Buddies but they all have guards. I have found them to be the best water bottles for my use.
  15. eroomlorac

    Whose Birthday is it? 02/18/11

    Thanks! I am going to dinner and a hockey game tonight with my 3 children. Do you think if I tell them it's my birthday they'll let me drive the Zamboni? Or at least have a ride on it. :hilarious:
  16. eroomlorac

    Vittle Vaults

    I use a Vittle Vault for my chinnie pellets. I buy pellets in a 50 pound bag and only have 6 chins and the food stays fresh for the 3 months or so it takes me to get through the whole 50 lbs. I buy hay at 9 lbs a crack and it stays nice and fresh in the hay bags Menagerie sells. It fits...
  17. eroomlorac

    Whose Birthday is 2/16/11?

  18. eroomlorac

    Who's Birthday is it 1/28/11?

  19. eroomlorac

    Too old for nose piercing?

    What does that mean? :hmm: What is a "monroe"?
  20. eroomlorac

    Whose Birthday is it? 01/22/11