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    Willow (8 mos- Standard) and Ivy (1yr- White Ebony)

    My youngest chin Willow is very social and curious, loves to play and popcorn around, perch on us, and make little kissy face and sounds. My older white chin Ivy is very skiddish and we got her at 1 years old. It has been a long road to get her to interact at all and most times she hides. I did...
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    Harvesting safe wood

    Thanks so much! I have plans to pic up from a local orchard hopefully today or tomorrow.
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    Harvesting safe wood

    Has anyone had success with finding suitable large sticks to put in their chin cage (as shown in pic). If so, where did you obtain? I have a list of approved safe wood and live in Oregon with plenty of trees around. The problem is they all look similar and I'm afraid to get it wrong. Any...