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  1. Kalandra

    Hedgehog allergies?

    People can and people have been allergic to hedgehogs I have a couple of friends who do rescue work and I know they have received a few over the years because their owners were reportedly allergic to them. I have also seen quite a number that have been advertised in the classifieds here and...
  2. Kalandra

    Chinchilla not eating, small infrequent poop, lethargic

    There are a couple of vets listed in the chin vet section:
  3. Kalandra


  4. Kalandra

    I'm so angry at my little brother right now.

    Renee. If this dog is part of the family and if you feel so strongly about the care for this dog, then step up to the plate and ensure he gets the care he really deserves. If he requires medication to get better, then he should get it and get it in a timely fashion. Whether that medication is...
  5. Kalandra

    EXTREME quill loss!!

    That kinda sucks. At least you know its not staph or ringworm and won't be chasing that anymore. If this was just one hedgehog, I'd have some ideas... hormonal, nutritional, etc., but considering this is happening to two, it seems more to reason that its disease, parasite, or environmental...
  6. Kalandra

    EXTREME quill loss!!

    Any word yet?
  7. Kalandra

    can't get my chin to eat ):

    Yep, her user name is Tanya. Here is a link to one of her sale ads on here:
  8. Kalandra

    PA House Bill 1398

    Per the PA website it has not passed yet. Last update was: Re-referred to APPROPRIATIONS, May 21, 2012 From what I can tell the Senate is not in session. Per the website: The Senate will reconvene at 1:00PM on September 24, 2012 unless sooner recalled by President Pro Tempore The House...
  9. Kalandra

    EXTREME quill loss!!

    Hopefully you will finally get some answers and can find the right treatment path. What did the vet give you? Some antibiotics are just plain nasty. Baytril tends to be very bitter. If the vet didn't sweeten/flavor it you may need to find a flavor your little one likes to add to it. For...
  10. Kalandra


    You sound like an owner that just needs a little encouraging. What works for many, doesn't work for all. I am really good with trimming nails, however, I still run across the occasional hedgehog that makes me step back, and try a new approach. Hedgehogs will teach you a few things... great...
  11. Kalandra


    Do you play with her feet? Try touching them nightly, and doing "test" runs. Basically going through the motions of clipping without actually doing any clipping. It can help you get more comfortable with her movements, and her move comfortable with being held and her feet touched.
  12. Kalandra

    Should I be concerned?

    Hehe. You just have to love hedgehogs. They like to do that to you... make you worry a lot, then everything is fine. Nothing wrong. Hey at least she is eating!
  13. Kalandra

    Should I be concerned?

    If you are not already, weigh her daily. Watch her weight, if she is dropping too much, you may need to find something else she will eat (try RC Baby cat). However, I'd try the in the bed trick. I have a 6 month old I took in as a rescue a few weeks ago. She had several nights where she...
  14. Kalandra

    Should I be concerned?

    Sometimes when they first come home they are a bit scared and will go off their food. Have you tried putting her kibble in her bed with her? Sometimes doing that will help encourage them to eat. How old is she?
  15. Kalandra


    Sand paper just doesn't work for that. Several have tried and ended up with blood feet. The problem is that hedgehogs do not run on their nails, they run on the pads of their feet. Will she let you trim her nails during a bath? Some are so distracted by the evil bath that they will let you...
  16. Kalandra


    Don't use those. Those are wodent wheels. They are notoriously hard to clean. Since hedgehogs poop and often pee on their wheels it gets trapped inside with them, then you have to take the wheel apart to clean it daily. Plus the one with the sand paper is a huge no no. You'll end up with a...
  17. Kalandra

    EXTREME quill loss!!

    I'm thinking bacterial is still a possibility. From a couple of the images it looks like there is a white ring around the base of the quills. Some of them look a little crusty. With Turtle that is what we saw. Most of his were pus like zits, but we saw dried crusty spots too. I don't know...
  18. Kalandra

    EXTREME quill loss!!

    Your photos are reporting forbidden. Instead of fungal, I would investigate the possibility that this is bacterial. I had one once that got mites from a bag of aspen bedding. We treated him for mites and some time after the mites went away he started dropping quills again and getting little...
  19. Kalandra

    New Hedgie Owner! (:

    I use glass bowls made for human use with mine. Bowls are by far the better option than a bottle.