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  1. CodysChinchillas


    Now, I know this is probably REALLY unlikely but I want some opinions from the more experienced. So, I adopted Lola & Willow from the local shelter in December. Now, I am noticing that Lola is drinking A LOT of water (almost a whole bottle by herself in one day), she's laying on her side a lot...
  2. CodysChinchillas

    Change Name

    My pair had the dumbest names in the world when I got them. Their names were China&Vampy.. What?!?! Now they're named Lola&Willow and they respond very well to their new names. Lola's about 6 1/2 years old. And Willow is still pretty young at 3, so I don't think it'll confuse them much.
  3. CodysChinchillas

    Switching To Fleece

    I doubt it...
  4. CodysChinchillas

    Colorful Mosaics

    Wow! What a neat little chin. It's adorable too! Is it yours?
  5. CodysChinchillas

    Switching To Fleece

    Thank you, Stackie. :) And I'll be sure to message Annie, and see what she can do for me. Thank you everyone!
  6. CodysChinchillas

    Switching To Fleece

    What websites do other fleece liner users use to purchase your liners?!
  7. CodysChinchillas

    Switching To Fleece

    Thanks Becky! We'll be switching over very soon. I just need to either make, or order cage liners. I'll probably order them. I don't have the patience to build my own things! Lol.
  8. CodysChinchillas

    First night home :)

    Deffinetley a standard. And she's adorable!
  9. CodysChinchillas

    Switching To Fleece

    What about peeing on things like my bed, couch, chairs? Will they get used to the material and think its okay to pee on it?
  10. CodysChinchillas

    My chin started to keep attacking me...:(

    Chinchillas don't think like people. They do like other chins company (sometimes) but they won't "make love" to your arm as a sign that they want you to buy them a female. Where did you get your chins? A lot of the times petstore chins can be aggressive because they don't really breed according...
  11. CodysChinchillas

    Switching To Fleece

    I planned on switching to fleece in the near future,(I'm currently using CareFresh Natural) but I have a few things that I'm a little concerned about. 1.) Won't the fleece smell when the chins pee on it? 2.) Will the chins chew up the corners of the fleece, and swallow the fabric? 3.) Will...
  12. CodysChinchillas

    No shows around..

    Thanks for the help everyone. I guess 6 really isn't that bad, compared to what you all travel!
  13. CodysChinchillas

    Chins learning behaviors from another chin

    I don't think there's really anyway to stop them from doing the behavior, but there are ways to make them unable to do so, like you said weighing down the corners, and also putting in more things for them to play with, or maybe a bed? I know that PetSmart has a little animal bed that my girls...
  14. CodysChinchillas

    No shows around..

    Wow! That is pretty far away. I would love to get to more shows but you know it takes $$$ to travel that far!
  15. CodysChinchillas

    No shows around..

    I've been reading forums and they're saying that it is good to go to chinchilla shows, to learn more from the different breeders there, but the thing is, I can't find any chin shows close to me! The closest one that I've seen is NY, which is about 6 hours away. I live in Maine, does anyone know...
  16. CodysChinchillas

    Cervical Dislocation

    WOOPS! That's not me!!! Sorry if anyone took that the wrong way! Thanks for clearing that up. I am NOT a backyard breeder!
  17. CodysChinchillas

    Colorful Mosaics

    Makes sense. Thanks for the quick answer!
  18. CodysChinchillas

    animal related careers?

    Zoology is something that I always want to do. I want to major in the rodentia field, and you dont have to go to school for too long! Sounds like the perfect career.
  19. CodysChinchillas

    Rest in peace my sweet Kendra

    Only 3 years old?! AW! I'm so sorry for you loss. Losing a chin is always so hard. I hope you and Cindy both recover well.