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  1. Gehenna

    Retrobulbar Mass?

    He's always been obese. I don't know what to do, every vet I go to says to decrease his food. He's on Oxbow, and like I said we're back up to 1/8th cup of pellets a day. If you have any suggestions please let me know! I'll attach his most recent skull rads, they're definitely not the...
  2. Gehenna

    Retrobulbar Mass?

    Hi all, looking for some advice. Since the beginning of the month/late last month, Barkley's left eye has been protruding from his head. The veterinarian I work for said it was either an abscess behind his eye, or glaucoma. We did a two week trial of antibiotics and it didn't help in the...
  3. Gehenna


    Lost my baby boy on August 29, 2018. He was three years old. Been missing him very much lately.
  4. Gehenna

    What's new?

    One of my chins passed last August. My other boy is going through a few health issues now, and I've been bringing him to a specialist to try to figure out what's going on. So far, no one can figure it out. Wish us luck lol
  5. Gehenna

    Chinchilla with glaucoma?! ANY SUGGESTIONS APPRECIATED

    I just actually logged in to research this myself lol. My chin's eye is bulging from his head. No one can seem to figure out what the cause is. Took x-rays - nothing shown besides his dental disease which he's had for years. Tried a course of antibiotics for a possible abscess - no help...
  6. Gehenna

    Runny eye/discharge?

    Sorry to revive this thread, but the issue is happening again, except now it's BOTH my chins. Both of my boys keep scratching at their eyes, and it's worrying me. At first it was the same minimal discharge from Barkley's eyes, so I started giving him the drops and thought nothing of it. But a...
  7. Gehenna

    Runny eye/discharge?

    So our vet gave us Ofloxin to give him 2 to 3 times a day, and said that may or may not help. She said that Barkley's teeth and ears looked good, so she didn't think they had anything to do with it. She also said it wasn't an infection, and did a test to make sure his eye wasn't scratched - it...
  8. Gehenna

    Runny eye/discharge?

    Hey all! My boy Barkley has been having some runny eye issues and little eye boogers. I've been doing nothing differently, so I'm not sure what's causing it. I'll add imgur links because I'm on my phone and it won't let me attach images for some reason. I'm planning on calling the vet and making...
  9. Gehenna

    Stinky poo?

    Quick update~ Atlas is on a liquid oral medication. The vet said that it's most likely a buildup of bacteria in his intestines. Off the top of my head I can't remember the medications name. The vet also took a stool sample and sent it out. Came back negative for a parasite which is good. I'll...
  10. Gehenna

    sitting weird

    Chinchillas wag their tails when they're ready to mate I've heard. I wouldn't be too worried about it :)
  11. Gehenna

    What to do for soft poo?

    I pulled the pellet food when my guy was having some diarrhea issues. My vet said to just keep him on hay until his stool firms up, and that I could have been possibly over feeding him. Once the poop firms back up to normal, reintroduce pellets. I think it's recommended 1/8th of a cup daily...
  12. Gehenna

    Stinky poo?

    Hey all, my guys can't seem to have any luck with their poo as of late. My little guy now started to have really smelly stool. Other than that, he's bouncing and running around like normal. He hasn't had diarrhea and his poops spear normal looking. I plan to take him to the vet, but was...
  13. Gehenna

    Safe Treats For Baby Chin?

    Thanks so much! Do you have any recommendations as to which sticks your chins prefer? I know Barkley likes apple wood, but Atlas isn't so keen on them. I'll buy Atlas some for his Christmas gift C:
  14. Gehenna

    New Jersey

    I recently just switched vets since I'm currently away at school in south Jersey. I went to All Creatures Veterinary Care Center with Dr. Weiss, and he was by far the best vet I've taken Barkley to; and we've been to 3 vets for him that said they saw chinchillas. He recommended when I head...
  15. Gehenna

    Safe Treats For Baby Chin?

    Hey all! Was wondering if there were any safe treats to give a 4 month old chin? I know he can't have most things since he's too young, but I feel bad leaving him out and not being able to eat anything his brother gets. Thanks!
  16. Gehenna

    Digestive/Poop Issues?

    Scheduled a vet appointment for tomorrow...I think he has a bacteria infection of some sort :/ We'll see tomorrow.
  17. Gehenna

    Digestive/Poop Issues?

    I mentioned that my boy, Barkley has been having some digestive issues lately. He's still his energetic self, and eating and drinking normally. His poops were soft, mushy, and sticking to his cage, so I took away his pellets and uped his hay. I would give him a shredded wheat with some activated...
  18. Gehenna

    Hello from NJ!

    Hello all! My name is Stephanie, and after browsing Google for some answers for my chins, I figured I should join and get some advice with some things from other chin owners~ I have two boys, Barkley and Atlas. Barkley is a large, standard grey who's been having some digestive issues as of late...