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    Sleep well Susu

    Your sad loss had one silver lining - she got to have you with her at the end. What a comfort to her to know you were there and not just strangers. All those years of love make saying goodbye so difficult, but as with any of our loved ones, I hope you can draw on all of your memories (and...
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    Human food for chinchillas??

    When I first acquired my chin, from my son who couldn’t keep him where he lived, I fed him tiny chunks of dried fruit as a treat. He loved them and I loved watching him enjoy them. Then I came to understand that, like children, chins will eat things that aren’t good for them, and that as his...
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    Chinchilla chew toys

    Hi, new chin owner! I just wanted to mention Forever Fiesty, a chinchilla rescue that also sells lots of great chew treats to help support their rescued chins. They have a great selection of hanging toys, simple twine balls, wreaths, etc. all devoted to chins and therefore safe for your pet...
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    Should I get a Hedgie?

    I am so sorry for your loss. I’m not sure exactly how this site works, and if I’m out of line I hope the administration will let me know. You said you are looking for another chin to replace your baby. I am trying to find a loving, safe home for my sweet boy, now two years old, who came to...
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    Oxbox Hammocks?

    Because it seems to be run by one woman, it can take longer than a week. She (Andrea) tries really hard to get orders out as soon as possible, but with the holidays, it will probably take longer. She’s also caring for her rescues, so I cut her slack. If she doesn’t have something I ordered...
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    Oxbox Hammocks?

    Have you heard of the site Forever Feisty Chinchilla Rescue? It’s a great place to get neat treats, fleece, etc. for your chins, and also it helps support their rescue. I’ve gotten lots of great stuff, including a fleece hammock that my chin uses every day, and also a neat fleece “tent” that...
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    New chin parent with a few questions!

    I’m so happy for you! It’s a momentous event! To be able to hold your friend, give them a little scritch, snuggle a bit - what a gift! Margaret will likely never love being “captured” no matter how gentle you are, but I view tolerating it as good enough! And you’re right, it will make it so...
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    Same or different playpen for chinchilla & hamsters/gerbils

    Well then, since you’ve said you’d clean when they’re done, and only use it when you need to deep clean their cage, I’d say use that playpen! Much nicer to have them with you, and I agree, finding space for all the accoutrements we acquire for our furry friends can be a challenge. (My husband...
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    Same or different playpen for chinchilla & hamsters/gerbils

    Hi there, just thought I’d weigh in since I love our Jespet for our chinchilla. My concern for your rats is that it seems to me that the mesh panels of the Jespet could be gnawed though without too much trouble by a rat. (For some reason my chinchilla has never done that.) While the canvas...
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    Playpen Recommendation?

    Yay, I’m glad it’s working for you! Watching them popcorn around in there is so much fun! I’ve found that I don’t need to use the roof, since I think the fact that it has that 3-inch inward top section where the roof zips in, my chin just can’t figure out how to jump it. But I have the large...
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    Playpen Recommendation?

    Good luck! I hope the Jespet works for you and for your chin!
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    Running Saucer maintenance

    This is the one I have, and it’s great. It attaches to the bars of the cage, and my chin uses it all the time. At first it was noisy, then I realized that it was the bars that were rattling, so I put a wedge between them and it’s very quiet. Well made, I recommend it if you can get it in the...
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    Hi! I don’t know if you’re familiar with Forever Feisty, a chinchilla rescue site, but to support their work they have an online store and sell lots of cool toys as well as other great stuff (hammocks, houses, etc.) My chin loves the balls, wreaths, timothy twines, and other chewable toys they...
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    Playpen Recommendation?

    My method is to open his cage and hold his dust bath container in front of him - he can’t resist climbing in, and then I just put it down in the Jespet. Works great!
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    Playpen Recommendation?

    Hi! I love the foldable Jespet pen we bought! We bought the large one, and have been using it for our chin’s daily exercise (we put boxes to climb in/on, etc.) His dust bath is in there too. It’s canvas and mesh, and we’ve been using it steadily for 5 months with no damage to it (he hasn’t...
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    New Chin Owner and Playtime

    (P.S. I’ve had the playpen for a few months now, and he has not chewed through the mesh sides - although he has tried.)
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    New Chin Owner and Playtime

    Hi! I just wanted to mention that I put our chin in a great playpen while I clean his cage (his dust bath is also in there), and then I sit in there with him so we can play (well, so he can climb on my lap and I can give him scratches, which he loves). It’s called a Jespet soft-sided playpen...