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    Meet Zuzu and zipper!!

    Hey so a little backstory my dog was getting old and so I got 2 chinchillas from a breeder and gave one to a friend I kept one and named her pip I then lost that chinchilla a few months later due to the heat and a few days later I got Zuzu and then just recently I got zipper and we think zipper...
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    Possible pregnancy?

    I have a question too so I noticed my female has been fighting with the male for than usual and she’s gotten bigger is she pregnant? We really need to know
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    What is happening

    Here is she in her sleeping/half dead state
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    What is happening

    Here’s a picture of my girl (pip)
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    What is happening

    So I just got 2 chins about a month back and one will repeatedly just die then 5 minutes later she’s running around the cage and having fun I mean maybe she misses her brother because he lives down the street so what should I do I am a new chinchilla owner in need of help
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    My Chinchilla Died

    I have 2 chinchillas but one will repeatedly just stop moving and acts like she’s dead then 5 minutes later she’s running around the cage any advice?
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    Four chins in a three level

    Also they are living in different houses just 2 houses away from each other but pudge is not allowed in my house because of this what should I do
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    Four chins in a three level

    I have two chins and they are both 5 month old twins but my boy (pudge) is spraying in and around my girls (pip) cage
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    Quarentine cage redo!

    when I looked at the cage outer bit and the water bottle it’s the exact same as my chinchillas cage