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  1. Fergggie

    Gabapentin dose for chins?

    Does anyone know the standard dosing of gabapentin for chinchillas for pain? My vet prescribed my 570 g chin 0.35 mL 2-3 times per day.. but this seems high. I'm not trying to sedate him!
  2. Fergggie

    Did the vet hurt my chin??? Huge bald spot after seeing the vet and eye infection. Picture

    Hello. I took my chin to the vet yesterday because his eye infection will not go away. They told me there is nothing else they can do (they only prescribed one antibiotic, terramycin ointment) and dexamethasone steroid drop. They told me to use the steroid from now on. That evening, I noticed...
  3. Fergggie

    Desperately looking for vet in Southern Indiana, Western Kentucky area

    Hey all. My chin is in pretty bad shape after a tooth trimming a few weeks ago. He is in a lot of pain and the exotic vet I've been taking him to is pretty much over seeing him every week. Does anyone know of a good exotic vet in the tristate area that is very familiar with chins?
  4. Fergggie

    Chin Post Tooth Extraction - Grinding Teeth

    Hey, all. I noticed a change in the smell of my chin's breath and the size of his stool. I took him to the vet ASAP and she anesthetized him to get a good look at his teeth. One of his teeth had broken and the fragments were poking his cheek. She pulled the fragmented tooth and ground down the...
  5. Fergggie

    Question about wooden ledges for cage

    He has a ferret nation cage with 4 levels. The ledge seems pretty sturdy but I'd be more worried about the wood being treated with something
  6. Fergggie

    Question about wooden ledges for cage

    My 8 year old chin loves doing parkour off the walls of his cage. I recently came across a wooden ledge in the pet store in the bird section and bought it for my chin to try out. However, it did not specify what type of wood it was. It is by a & e cage company and says it's great for...
  7. Fergggie

    Timothy hay alternative

    I'm allergic to my chins Timothy hay, is there a healthy alternative I can feed him instead?
  8. Fergggie

    Does anyone give their chins Sunseed Sunatural Chinchilla food?

    Shoot, I might as well give him antifreeze to drink too! :(
  9. Fergggie

    Does anyone give their chins Sunseed Sunatural Chinchilla food?

    There's no treats in the vita Prima. It's all pellets and Timothy hay
  10. Fergggie

    Does anyone give their chins Sunseed Sunatural Chinchilla food?

    Would the Sunseed Vita Prima be ok?
  11. Fergggie

    Does anyone give their chins Sunseed Sunatural Chinchilla food?

    Hi! I usually feed my chinchilla Sunseed Vita Prima Formula but the pet store did not have it. Instead I got the Sunseed Sunaturals for chinchillas. He seems to LOVE it and eats all his food (even the pellets) but I noticed there's a lot more in it than just pellets. I made sure there wasn't any...
  12. Fergggie

    Do chinchillas gain weight/fur for the winter?

    I keep my chin inside so I wouldn't think the temp changes too much inside... But he seems to be getting fat! I haven't been feeding him more than I normally do but he seems bigger. He chews on his fur and its finally grown back completely so maybe that could be it? I was just wondering if maybe...
  13. Fergggie

    Can chinchillas have dried papaya?

    Wow I had no idea! Thank you everyone I will stop immediately! I don't know what I'd do if I hurt him :(
  14. Fergggie

    Can chinchillas have dried papaya?

    My chin goes CRAZY for papaya. I've limited him to about 2-3 pieces per day. I have heard though that they should not have these at all, while I've also heard that it is ok. Can someone please clear this up?! My chinny goes crazy when he just hears the bag rustling that his papaya is in. I'd...
  15. Fergggie

    Good chin toys around the house?

    I am unable to run to the store for a few days to get my chin wood to chew on. He has a few sticks but I was wondering if there is anything I could give him around the house that would keep him occupied/that he can chew on/that is safe. I have read about people giving their chins cereal boxes...
  16. Fergggie

    Does your chinchilla make your skin itch after holding?

    After I hold my chinchilla, any skin that my chinchilla may have touched becomes very itchy. I have to make sure and wash it off after holding him. My skin doesn't break out or anything, just becomes itchy and red when I scratch it. Could it be the dust bath drying out my skin? Or the Timothy...
  17. Fergggie

    What is your chins favorite kind of wood?

    My chin seems to go crazy over apple and hates pine... Which is what I find most in stores :/
  18. Fergggie

    What is/are your chin/s favorite treats?

    My chin LOVES dried papaya c:
  19. Fergggie

    Poll: Does your chin have a wheel or saucer?

    I got my chin a saucer. He didn't know what to do with it and just ended up chewing the plastic on the bottom :/