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    Pee pads I made (or purchase) all pee pads, liners, etc. as a fleece sandwich with uhaul blanket in the center. They're just so handy with the guinea pigs, I'm determined to make it work with the chins! The pee pads I put up a few days ago are still in place, which is an improvement! ;)
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    I'm a guineapig momma and have become a huge fan of fleece liners for cages. So far, I've only sewn one cage liner for the bottom of the chin cage, but I've been placing pee pads on the shelves they seem to prefer to urinate on. I think it's worth it, and I can't be the only person using fleece...
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    New chin owner - longish, sorry

    A bio teacher put out an SOS after a sudden decision to retire: five chinchillas needed homes, a female and four males. I've got skinnypigs I'm in love with, so I already have an affinity for sensitive South American rodents. I decided to go for it. I only wanted two, but in the end I decided...