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  1. ljiayi

    Cage Ideas

    Sounds like you're missing a hideout, so do get one as chins need to hide away from their owners and surrounding things that might spook them occassionally.
  2. ljiayi

    Barking Chin at Night

    Your chin might just be spooked by something that he/she saw/heard. Like what LYChinchillas have mentioned, as long as your chin remains healthy (i.e. monitor his/her diet, weight etc.), you need not worry much :)
  3. ljiayi

    Female chinchilla mounting male chinchilla

    I've been observing that my female chinchilla likes to mount my male chinchilla. What is this suppose to mean? I can only assume it's an act of dominance?
  4. ljiayi

    Bonding 2 Females. Fighting.

    I did my bonding in these stages: 1) One chin plays in the neutral area and the other chin is in the cage then they switch positions (i did this for at least 2 weeks) 2) Chins swap cages (their own) and stay in each other's cages for maybe 15 mins and then increase up to 30 mins (so as not to...
  5. ljiayi

    Natural Light / Sunlight

    I have a WINDOWLESS room at home and am thinking about whether I can place my chinchilla in it. I am wondering whether natural light/sunlight is required for them to grow and live heathily? Or is it just fine to switch on the room light in the evening when they are most active? *I am aware...
  6. ljiayi


    As the cage is big and hamsters are clean animals (they have a particular spot they will do their business at), I dont have to do an entire clean up of the cage. I only change the pee bowl on a weekly basis. On a monthly basis, I then clean up the entire cage which takes about half an hour. :)
  7. ljiayi

    Introduction help.... and more

    How long will you give two chins in trying to bond them before you will give up and resign to the fact that they can never get along?
  8. ljiayi


    Thanks for the advise so far. Gary's has been revealed ever since I first got him. There is no other chin in the house and the temperature of the room is fine. He is 1.5 years old as of now. So is that still normal for him?
  9. ljiayi

    Introduction help.... and more

    How fast do the whiskers grow back?
  10. ljiayi


    My chin seems to have abnormally large testicles. They hang normally and not sucked in like how some nervous chins may behave. In addition, his testicles are always exposed. Is that alright? FYI: His behaviour, appetite and what not are all normal. Temperature of the room is also cool. Here...
  11. IMG 1612

    IMG 1612

  12. ljiayi


    Found a dropped whiskers in my chin's house and he was keen on eating it. Anyone know if it's okay for the chin to consume it?
  13. ljiayi

    How did you dispose of your dead animal(s)

    I had mine cremated and I thought the "finished product" would be a bag of powdered ash. When the person who dealt with the cremation showed it me "finished product", the bone shape of my chinchilla was still all there. I could see the head and the backbone... It's quite creepy actually :/ But I...
  14. ljiayi


    Was wondering, is there a need to clean the inside of a chinchilla's ears?
  15. ljiayi

    Is this normal sexual behavior in my chin?

    Does your chin bite the fleece? If he does, is that okay or should it be taken out of the cage?
  16. ljiayi

    New to Chinchillas

    How old is your chinchilla?
  17. ljiayi

    Weight Loss

    10 grams.
  18. ljiayi

    Weight Loss

    Hi, thanks for the reply. There's no wheel in the new cage, just bigger in volume. Perhaps 2.5 times bigger...
  19. ljiayi

    Weight Loss

    Is there a possibility of a chin losing weight if it was shifted from a small to big cage?
  20. ljiayi

    Fleece biting

    I recently purchased this product on amazon and when I put it in my chin's cage, he kept biting the fleece part of the product. How can I prevent such a behaviour? Is it okay for them to ingest fleece? My chin has been exposed to fleece before as I use fleece for his cage bedding. He does not...