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  1. Spoof

    Chin breading question

    Those are both dominant colors, in theory you will get 50/50 white or gray. It depends on the white line though I've seen some that throw as little as 10% and some that throw 80% whites over 20-30 babies. Ask the breeder about the history and also the genetics, most are happy to teach new people.
  2. Spoof

    Just checking in…

    This person is no longer in business - was shut down years ago. They were also the last pet wholesaler in the U.S. so now all pets supplied come in from overseas like Poland or the Czech Republic where there are no animal husbandry laws. That's why the illness/death rate is so high in pet...
  3. Spoof

    Looking for the best prices on toys and chews!

    I found more photos! These are all 8oz, just different sizes. 8oz apple twiglets. 8oz corkscrew willow sticks 8oz corkscrew willow twigs 8oz weeping willow twigs *this is the lightest wood by far and you can tell by volume. 8oz weeping willow twirlies Hope that helps!
  4. Spoof

    Looking for the best prices on toys and chews!

    If I recall correctly Ronda's photos used to show half a pound, but it's been 3 years since I've been involved, her cousin Xia took over the business when she passed of cancer. It's that expensive because they are hand cut from local orchards around Hermiston Oregon and by the time they are...
  5. Spoof

    Wet Chinchilla but not Teeth Issues

    Same chance a group of humans has. In a herd of ~150 I had four die and around 30 show anything from just slight mouth wetness to this full blown gross I-think-its-teeth but radiographs only showed URI not teeth. The rest showed no signs. The worst part is nothing can treat it, you just have...
  6. Spoof

    Wet Chinchilla but not Teeth Issues

    It wouldn't allow me to attach all of the photos.
  7. Spoof

    Wet Chinchilla but not Teeth Issues

    If they did a full bacterial test and came back with nothing this is one of the forms the URI part of covid takes when it affects chinchillas. It'll range from a little drooling at the corners of the mouth to full blown nasty. The loss of fur on the arms is from cleaning. Please post photos...
  8. Spoof

    Why Chinchilla and Hedgehogs??

    I can't answer about Freddie's chinchilla but there is a 32 year old in Houston. I don't know how old the oldest living one has survived to be but one of the originals captured out of the wild lived to be 22 years old in captivity.
  9. Spoof

    Chinchillas generating electricity

    I messed around with this in college back in the 2000's and had a few prototypes following the hamster powered nightlight instructions. I ran into a couple of issues - chins have a LOT of torque and therefore have the ability to run a much more powerful magnet set than any other animal of that...
  10. Spoof

    new baby kits! advise needed

    You can't overfeed babies however they are very easy to aspirate when hand feeding. You can rotate and feed goats milk every 2 hours around the clock for the next few weeks. Yes it disrupts milk production, mom requires constant stimulation to produce. The worst thing that can happen is you...
  11. Spoof

    Scrubbing, Baking and Boiling

    Here is a study that was done regarding the digestibility of animal based proteins. It is an interesting read. It has been well known that they do fine with small amounts of animal based protein, most often powdered egg or milk was used in breeder feed formulations in the past. Neither of...
  12. Spoof

    Identifying two chinchillas

    The first one is a male, the second one is a female. They have not likely bred yet at this age but will need to be separated by at least 8" permanently. They can and do breed through bars.
  13. Spoof

    Automatic water system for chins?

    The one pictured should work fine. I use many different varieties that are between 20-60 years old. If you search on here you will find old photos and some videos of me cleaning my system and nozzles.
  14. Spoof

    do chinchillas have the same eye size?

    Chinchilla eyes do differ in size in accordance with age, the shape of the skull, depth of eye sockets and line they are out of. They rage from no eyes or very teeny eyes in the stone white to some crazy massive ones in the bigger broad headed gray girls. It is uncommon to see this type of...
  15. Spoof

    Automatic water system for chins?

    5/16" is the standard size. sells complete kits which are best to start with until you get an idea of what parts you need. Once you've got an idea you can hunt for cheaper options. I've had a lot of issues with the inside diameter on pipe recently. Seems the 5/16 of now is...
  16. Spoof

    Lethargic and Drooling Chinchilla

    Teeth issues require radiographs (xrays) and should never be filed if there is root eruption into the eye sockets, nasal cavity or through the lower jawbone. Most vets don't understand that chinchilla malocclusion is also root based, eg while the surface of the teeth can be floated/trimmed that...
  17. Spoof

    Cat Herpes

    Feline viral rhinotracheitis (FVR/Cat herpes type 1) is not noted for jumping to other species. *However it is not uncommon for it to develop into bacterial issues like eye infections, respiratory infections, etc which are passable to both humans and other pets in the household. Please keep...
  18. Spoof

    Soft Cut Hay- long term effects?

    Any non-fruit type wood will be very low in sugar. The super hard ones like manzanita are very slow growers and have almost none at all. No breeders provide unlimited hay, just in case anybody is actually reading all of this. Hay or cubes are given when cages are cleaned and some do go...
  19. Spoof

    Soft Cut Hay- long term effects?

    The oldest chinchilla I know of is currently alive and 32 years old in Houston, TX. One of the original 11 brought to the U.S. by MF Chapman lived 22 years in captivity and was captured as an adult. We should absolutely be getting more than the 5-7 years advertised by pet stores. It's...
  20. Spoof

    Soft Cut Hay- long term effects?

    The most important thing in a chinchilla's diet is balance. She is likely going to town on this hay due to the exceptionally high sugars present in peak season leaves. This amount of sugar is worse than feeding junk treats as it is addicting and they can not process it correctly. Chinchillas...