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    PLEASE help me!

    It's a queen sized bed. We're about to resort to trying that but my room is so tiny that I can't move it too far without the chin possibly running back under it.
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    PLEASE help me!

    Earlier today around 5:30 / 6 PM (it is now 9:30 PM) I cleaned out my chinchillas old cage and moved them into a newer cage. In this process, my chins managed to get out the cage and roam around my room. Chin 1 ran around my room for about an hour and I managed to get him into the new cage. Chin...
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    Where can I get some flea treatment safe enough for my chins?
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    Need your opinion guys!

    UPDATE!: She sent me this picture: With the description: "it's just like this with three shelves". She didn't explain the type of shelves it was but if the shelves aren't good when I receive it, my mom's boyfriend can easily make some wooden shelves for them. I'm not sure if this is an actual...
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    I thought that chinchillas couldn't get fleas? This morning out the corner of my eye I spotted something move on my jacket and I looked down to find a tiny flea. I have not been around any flea infested animals in quite a while and the only animal in our house is my two chinchillas. Do they get...
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    Goodbye, Jasper.

    RIP Jasper! So sad to hear about this but he sounded very special.
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    Need your opinion guys!

    I have recently posted in a yardsale group on Facebook for my town asking if anyone had a Ferret Nation / Critter nation cage. A lady messaged me saying she has a " three tier ferret cage with a lock on the cage for $20 OBO". I'm just curious to know what your opinion on this price is! I've...
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    Thanks guys! I was finally able to scoop them up. I put a long pillow in my room to block off under my bed and one got curious enough to climb on top of it so I cupped my hands together and caught him. The next one I just set down the bath house without any dust bath (because I let them have a...
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    I let my chinchillas out the cage so that I could clean it out and now they won't go back in. I've sat on the floor and tried to get them to come to me, but nothing. I've tried to trick it with a Cheerios or piece of wood and they'll sniff it but when I try to scoop it up it runs away. I don't...
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    One of my babies!

    This is Diesel! I couldn't get a picture of Roo. It's still hard to distinguish between the two. But Diesel is more used to me and likes to be rubbed between his eyes.
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    Please help! (ga)

    I'm from a town called Dublin, GA and I'm almost positive that the vets in my town do NOT care for Chinchillas! If you're from this location, or near this location, please suggest some good vet locations, as I would like to get my chinchillas to a veterinarian for their first check up since I've...
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    How often am I allowed to give my chinchillas plain cheerios? I've only given them one each so far, but is there a limit to the amount since it's not like a raisin? Should I just give them as treats every so often?
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    New Chinchilla owner!?

    Thank you so much for all the tips! I don't usually get birthday money, but anything that I do get will definitely be all spent on the chinchillas! Thanks for the name suggestions, they're very creative but earlier I decided on Diesel and Roo. I am very aware that vet bills can be expensive and...
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    Hey guys!

    I'm now a new chinchilla owner as of a month ago. I own two male chinchillas which I have not decided names for yet (feel free to suggest some ideas). I'm Marina and I will be 17 in three weeks. I'm from Georgia. I've always been fascinated by chinchillas but never been able to get any. I...
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    New Chinchilla owner!?

    Hi! I've owned my two MALE chinchillas for about a month. I'm not sure whether they're charcoal, hetero ebony, or standard. I apologize, I do not know much about chinchillas at all but I've always wanted to own one and learn about them. I received my two male chinchillas FREE through a friend of...