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    Coloring help?

    That is one of the most unusually colored chinchillas I've seen. At first I was thinking tan, but oxidized/stained ebony does sound like a good guess too. That would have been some crazy dirty cage for that to happen though.
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    Chingerbread Cookie

    LOL that is awesome!! A bit late now, but it's definitely on my wish list now!
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    Chingerbread Cookie

    Ahaha! Cute! We just made sugar cookies today! I wish there was a chinchilla cookie cutter!
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    "Official Mistletoe Tester"

    Cute! Only my Pixel gives kisses anymore. A couple of the others used to, but I guess they don't love me anymore! :(
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    Twas the Night B4 Crstms w/Chinchillas

    You did a great job with the rhyming!
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    Poke test? Someone?

    LOL that's hilarious!! What a cute photo!
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    hedgehog mittens

    Ack! Those are too cute!!
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    Chinnie Identity Crisis

    Cute chinnie! I love Chia too!
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    It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

    Ack! Great pictures! Thanks for sharing!!!
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    Just some a little Christmas excitement!

    Love the stockings!!! You're a great chinnie mama!
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    Holiday Decorations

    Looks good! I Love that you have individual stockings for the furbabies! I don't have a good picture of the tree yet, but here are the stockings/staircase. :)
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    New Baby Caution Cute Overload

    Definitely cute!
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    Fuzz butts, fluff, and Triplets OH MY!

    Good lookin bunch ya got there! Congrats!
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    2 months <3
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    Finally "Growing up"

    Yay! Thats exciting!
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    Lauren, will you marry me?

    conrats! love the ring!
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    A Few of the Growers

    oooh I love the bv.
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    Thanks! I love the cloth diapers! I really wanted to do them with Remy too, but we had no washer and dryer at the time and didn't feel like going to the laundromat every 3 days to wash poopy diapers lol. They're so easy! I don't know why anyone would do disposables unless they had no washer...
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    1 month yesterday