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    Newborn kit with broken arm HELP

    Momma had 2 babies, one is healthy and the other has a broken arm! I gave mom some time since the kit looked fresh, but she did nothing to clean it. When I took the baby out I noticed her arm. It doesn’t move, it feels like there’s no blood flow in her paw, her eyes are still closed, she’s very...
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    Chins talking to each other?

    Timmy makes the "defenseless chin" noises occasionally, but honestly none of them describe how either of them sounds all the time. I think they may just be talking, they can't see each other so it kind of makes sense. Thank you!
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    Chins talking to each other?

    Hello! I'm new here, not a new chinchilla owner. I started out with two chinchillas, both male, standard grey, Butters and Dougie. Everything was perfectly fine until one day Dougie passed. Butters was so depressed, he wouldn't let us pet him anymore. Just kacked. We bought a baby boy and named...