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  1. GorillaJTA

    RIP Flea

    I haven't been on the boards for a while. I have been avoiding chinchilla related stuff since early January. I blame myself because I had been in and out of the house a lot working extra shifts so I didn't get to spend as much time with him. Maybe I would have seen something wrong earlier...
  2. GorillaJTA

    Why the heck am I *gaining* weight?

    You say you are sticking to your 1800, but you also say you eat a lot of fruit. Fruit is a lot of sugar calories without much protein to hold you over. Lots of food guides also do not take into account the size of fruit. Is it a small gala apple or a huge red delicious? Stress can also make you...
  3. GorillaJTA

    How much did you spend making shelves?

    I use 1x8s or 1x6s (depending on what part of the cage I am on (I use wider boards at the top) and Flea never never has problems with balance or anything. Whatever board you buy will be slightly narrower and thinner than the number (due to planing and drying) so make sure you think about your...
  4. GorillaJTA

    Are you going shopping black Friday?

    Ha! If I bought a fruit roll up on Black Friday, my account would be in the red on Saturday, so no.
  5. GorillaJTA

    How do I get my two male chinchillas to be in the same cage together?

    Use the search bar and search: Introductions
  6. GorillaJTA

    I am mortified.. Behavior issues??!

    Yes. Would if could?
  7. GorillaJTA

    Ice Mountain Water?

    The acceptable levels of certain contaminants like giardia cysts in municipal water supplies are safe for humans but the same water could cause a giardia infection in a chin. I checked the Ice Mountain filtration data. It is filtered at better than 2 nm, so it should be safe. Most giardia...
  8. GorillaJTA

    Cage Placement Opinion

    I don't use the area immediately around Flea's cage as a play area because I don't want to tempt him to try to go play any time I open the cage. Plus, playtime becomes playtime, not "go in and out and take a nap and maybe wander back out over an hour" time so I don't have to watch him as long...
  9. GorillaJTA

    Braces :(

    And toothbrushes, toothpaste, and real listerine! Nothing worse than someone getting their braces off and having a bunch of cavities around them because of all the new places for stuff to get stuck.
  10. GorillaJTA

    What tools are used for cutting wood?

    I drill most of my holes with a dremel (makes small enough holes to easily start screws and leaves enough for a snug thread catch). I cut shelves with a circular saw and use a drill to screw in the mounting screws.
  11. GorillaJTA

    How much do chins remember?

    Flea definitely remembers people and situations. I have lived by myself for 2 years and my brother and his dog came over a few days ago. Flea and the dog were "friends" when we lived together and Flea ran down to the bottom of the cage as soon as the dog came in and didn't go back into his house...
  12. GorillaJTA

    normal weight?

    Try putting a bowl or carrier on the scale and zeroing it. That will give a better reading than trying to get to chin to sit still holding him.
  13. GorillaJTA

    Are these two getting along?

    If you watch past the first video, the larger one is cowing the smaller one into staying in the corner.
  14. GorillaJTA

    Cosmetic Braces?

    Be careful with the "6-month" cures. Moving the teeth too fast can damage the jaw and connective tissue and lead to more painful teeth problems in the future. My mom has dentures now because her ortho moved her teeth too quickly and it wrecked her jaw to the point that it would not hold her...
  15. GorillaJTA

    CN bottom frame NEEDED

    You can try using the storage rack from the bottom as a bottom pan holder.
  16. GorillaJTA

    Air conditioning vent

    Maybe he saw the electric bill today and got a shock? I leave my air around 72.
  17. GorillaJTA

    Good quality??

    Oxbow is good for pellets. Fruits in general have too much sugar for chinchillas whose diet should be grasses and roughage.
  18. GorillaJTA

    Reviews on Infomercials

    I remember the foot patches they used to advertise that supposed pulled all of the toxins out of your body by wearing them at night. They showed them dirty in the morning and everything. We had some in chemistry class and showed that it was just a redox reaction with the moisture on your feet.
  19. GorillaJTA

    Reviews on Infomercials

    Call me extra-coordinated or rich, but I solved the problem the snuggie did by using a bigger blanket... or just not being a wimp.
  20. GorillaJTA

    Reviews on Infomercials

    I have never purchased from an infomercial, but I have visited a couple of "As Seen on TV" stores where I could handle and look at the quality of the products. Never been terribly impressed.