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  1. aznmexaggie

    Cowboy Buffalo Biscuit

    Yeehaw, I entered my Biscuit boy in a photo contest! So far he has 167 votes! Can he please have your vote too? It just takes one click!
  2. aznmexaggie

    Chinchilla does not chew much

    toastette and Shadow1120 -- do your chins also chew the cage bars? Chewing hard items such as wood or pumice help to grind down the incisors but some chins may get enough grinding of those surfaces through chewing on cage bars or even biting into compressed hay cubes if you offer those...
  3. aznmexaggie

    This is my 6th forum website I've joined, so...

    Welcome! I also have chickens (silkies), dogs (2 Great Pyrenees), and keep isopods as well as mantids! What pods are you planning on getting?
  4. aznmexaggie

    Traveling with chin

    Leashes/harnesses aren't safe for chins and please don't put your chin in a box either. Use a safe travel carrier for your chin and she will be fine. The wire mesh in chinchilla carriers allows for air circulation.
  5. aznmexaggie


    I know this is an old thread but I just wanted to add my blog post on this topic which includes an article that Shahna (Kiss Chinchillas, formerly Ridge Chinchillas) and I wrote together for the Empress Breeder magazine several years back:
  6. aznmexaggie

    White discharge coming from Chinchilla

    How is your chin doing now?
  7. aznmexaggie

    Chinchilla color question

    They both look like light ebonies. Since you already have them together, the female could already be pregnant and she looks quite young and small so if so, she could have some pregnancy complications and need vet assistance. I’d make sure to have a good vet fund set aside just in case...
  8. aznmexaggie

    Raised and showed chins 15 yrs ago; how much has changed?

    Hi Rachel, I remember you from the CnQ days. :-) With the rise of social media, most of us are in Facebook chinchilla groups and have Facebook business pages now. I also use Instagram for posting chin pictures. I usually use those two social media platforms for posting sales lists or pictures...
  9. aznmexaggie

    Chin wanted in So Cal??

    I have a standard gray female who will be weaned and ready to go at the end of the month. I am in Nor Cal but do deliveries to So Cal about once a month. I posted a video of her and her sister on my Chinchilla Chateau Facebook page if you want to take a look. My next trip down to So Cal is...
  10. aznmexaggie

    Looking for Chinchillas in Nor-Cal or So-cal area :)

    Sorry, I have not been on this site in a while! As mentioned, I am in Manteca (Nor Cal) and usually can go down to So Cal about once a month, if anyone down that way is looking for a chin. You can e-mail me at [email protected] if you are still looking.
  11. aznmexaggie

    Looking for white mosaic male chin!

    I have white mosaic males and am in Nor Cal but I can deliver to So Cal. You can email me at [email protected]
  12. aznmexaggie

    Chinchilla can't absorb food

    Has he had any blood work done? Sometimes when they lose weight, it is indicative of the organs working less efficiently. Will he eat any pellets on his own? Or only the CC? With chins on CC, if they no longer need it (have recovered from the issue which caused them to need it), I try to...
  13. aznmexaggie

    How wide can cage wire be?

    1"x 2" is as large as you should go for an adult chin and for a maternity cage which will hold newborn kits, you don't want any larger than 1/2" x 1".
  14. aznmexaggie

    quality cage metal shelf

    I like their metal shelves as they are easy to clean and disinfect. Wood is porous and when I get in new rescues, I have to throw out old wood items and replace completely as they cannot be sanitized effectively. I provide at least a wooden ledge as well though in addition to the metal shelves.
  15. aznmexaggie


    As a single woman who breeds chinchillas in my home, I no longer meet strangers in my home. With my previous setup, I allowed people to come as I had modified my garage into a chin room but at my new house, I haven't been able to build a barn yet so I don't feel comfortable bringing lots of...
  16. aznmexaggie

    Chinchillas in Southern California area?

    I had some mosaic females but unfortunately they're all on hold with deposits already. All I have left at this time is a standard grey female and two light Ebony females. I'm located in Northern California but my sister lives in Long Beach and I will be going down to visit on April 24th as well...
  17. aznmexaggie

    HAWS Chinchilla Rescue - Waukesha, Wisconsin

    Yesterday's post from our General manager of ECBC on the ECBC Facebook page: News on the impounded chinchillas in Wisconsin. I have been in contact with the shelter director. Kaytee and Oxbow companies have donated food and hay, deliveries are being made today.* MANY OF YOU WANT TO HELP the...
  18. aznmexaggie

    2015 California ECBC Sanctioned Show - Jan 24-25, 2015

    Here are the California ECBC Show results! I apologize for the delay! California Group ECBC Sanctioned Show January 24-25, 2015 Judges: Richard Ryerson, Maxine Lynch Trainee: Tiffany Whitlow *Dressed Pelt Show - January 24, 2015* Best Pelt of Show - Maynard Beitz - standard #308 2nd Best...
  19. aznmexaggie

    chin breeder in Utah

    Awesome, they are both great breeders!
  20. aznmexaggie

    related breeding chinchillas

    The more closely related two chins are, the higher the likelihood that they may be both carrying recessive genes that may cause health issues in their offspring. Half siblings are generally recognized as a safe cross. If linebreeding must be done, I always outcross to a completely unrelated...