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  1. EMSChins

    Excessive Bar Chewing

    Some chins just always chew and shake the bars, it is their way of getting attention. If you are reacting to it, they are getting exactly what they want! :) I know it is hard to ignore as I have one chin that I give an apple stick to every time she does it, I know I have reinforced her...
  2. EMSChins

    Bulk Hay?

    Agreed, I buy several bales at a time and store it in a dry clean basement, on a shelf with air holes punched in shrink wrap (the way it is baled), haven't had a problem with this method in over 5 years.
  3. EMSChins

    Poop. Always the poop question

    It is normal for there to be times of day when there is more poop than others. It typically coincides with times of the day where they are more active or eating/drinking more. I find that new owners freak out if they are not regular little poop pez dispensers but as long as they are regularly...
  4. EMSChins

    My package arrived!

    Just an FYI - you can get 12x12 (or larger) granite or marble tiles at most home improvement stores. Most stores will make one cut for free, if you have them cut the tile in half, you have two chin chillers for generally less than the cost of one chin chiller purchased from a pet store. My...
  5. EMSChins

    Ohio Field Day Show Date?

    Cheryl I only shared the half with chin poop all over it. No biggie, anything for you!
  6. EMSChins

    Ohio Field Day Show Date?

    Many details weren't posted. This show seems to be by word of mouth mostly. The advertisement for it in the MCBA magazine indicated to call Jan Ryerson with any questions.
  7. EMSChins

    Ohio Field Day Show Date?

    Woot Alex! Looks like I might have 12 to show. Most of them young. Always good to hear comments from Jim.
  8. EMSChins

    Hendryx Chinchillas May Sale

    Delivery of the following animals is available to Plymouth, Ohio, The Ohio Field Day at Ryerson's Chinchilla Ranch on May 17, 2014. Males RYX C42 - Standard Male, dob: 5/3/13 - Nice herd improvement male, out of Poppy & Buckeye, First Place at MCBA Nationals, Comments: Great size male, great...
  9. EMSChins

    Meet Momo!

    Size doesn't affect cuddling! :) That will be the least of your worries. You will be surprised, I put tiny males weighing 600 gms with humongous 1200 gm chins all the time.
  10. EMSChins

    Meet Momo!

    Shannon it is not unusual to hear that a chin purchased from a breeder that actively shows ends up being much larger than a chin bought as a pet from a pet store or hobby breeder (or rescue). It doesn't always happen as we all have ones that will be small genetically from time to time, but most...
  11. EMSChins

    Ohio Field Day Show Date?

    Boo Christiane!!! But I do understand. I wouldnt either except its so close.
  12. EMSChins

    Ohio Field Day Show Date?

    Just a shout out to see who is planning on attending and what are you showing? Just ten days away! I for one am looking forward to this show as it means the end to daily dusting for a few months! ;)
  13. EMSChins

    2014 Atlantic Chapter show

    Just a disclaimer regarding Tiffany posting the results I gave on FB. I notated that they were the results from my notes taken during the show and not anything "official" from the awards table. Hopefully there aren't any mistakes, if there are and anyone notices them, please feel free to...
  14. EMSChins

    Meet Momo!

    He already looks like he is being spoiled rotten Shannon! Glad he found a good home! :)
  15. EMSChins

    2014 Atlantic Chapter show

    Be safe Christiane. I will be heading out in a few more hours.
  16. EMSChins

    Paralyzed Kit

    Thanks everyone, it was a very hard decision because she was so mentally with it! Unfortunately going to the bathroom was going to be an issue even if nothing else developed. This is why breeding should not be taken lightly.
  17. EMSChins

    2014 Atlantic Chapter show

    That's an awesome idea Randy! Of course, my room on Saturday night will more than likely be my Buick Enclave! Typically seats 7 but with chins and supplies I would say 2-3 tops! Hope no one minds chin poo and shavings on their pizza! Lol.
  18. EMSChins

    Edstrom watering system help

    I still use old fashioned bottles so can't really help you Steve but maybe it has something to do with hard water or deposit buildups?
  19. EMSChins

    2014 Atlantic Chapter show

    Ugh...that always makes it more difficult.