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    Good treats/Whimzees for chins?

    also potatoes are starch - starch turns to sugars. Sugars are BAD for chins
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    Odd Chin Eating Habit

    I have had several chins do this just part of being a chin
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    Chinchilla scared not eating

    Sounds like he is terrified - I would shake the niece (not too hard). I hope she is not allowed in your room again. Take the chin to the vet on Monday to be sure he is ok
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    Sneezing and possible dental issue

    Sounds serious to me - Have her take the chin to a different vet. Sounds like the first one does know anything about chins. Sounds like pneumonia to me
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    Should I pick my chinchilla up yet?

    I clean my chins's cages without removing the chins
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    Is this a hair ring on my chinchilla??

    It is a hair ring and needs to be pulled off. If it isn't it could kill him. Try to gently with your finger nails pull it off. Sometimes you have to do a strand at a time - Just get if off
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    Is mine odd?

    most of the time they finally get the 'hang' of the dust bath. Some never do - don't know why. Don't worry just rub the dust in him after each time you offer the bath and he doesn't dust himself after 10 minutes.
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    Could this become a problem?

    do they only do this while playing out of the cage? If so I would let them out separately for awhile. Something is irritating them - let them cool off with separate play
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    Feed dish

    yes some of them poo and/or pee in their dish - I like the hooded ones
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    Newb Qs- shelves, bedding, smell control

    If you have a Tractor Supply store near you they have shavings cheap. Although it is in big 'Bales' Also if a chin pulls out hay and then pees on it - it stinks to high heaven. Every day clean the hay off the floor
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    chinchilla spinning wheel upside down?

    Typical crazy white chin. I had one that did that will a Chin spin. Crawled under it on her back and 'ran the wheel' upside down on her back
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    another thing to give her after the Baytril is baby gas drops - a full dropper full. They love the taste and it helps the digestive system. Also if you need to syringe feed (hopefully now that she is eating you don't have to) is to grind up (use coffee grinder) her pellets fine add water and a...
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    Can you re-bond chinchillas after blood is drawn?

    put the two cages side by side so they can 'talk' to one another but still have their own cage. I know of a case where the 2 chins slept next to each other in their own cages. And no they couldn't be put together because they fought in the same cage
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    Dental exam/x-rays

    the meds. could cause her to be off her feed. I could be quite a while before she eats on her own.
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    Loss of motor control, general disorientation?

    glad he is much better. He is not deliberating holding his poop until he is out. The running around encourages his intestines to work - hense poop
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    Possible cut??

    since it is by the nose it probably is fungus
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    Babies with eaten off tails

    it is not uncommon for first time Mom's to over groom their babies as they come out. If you are lucky it is only the tails that they lose - sometimes it is toes,or feet or part of (or all) of the ears. And yes sometimes they eat the dead babies. This is all part of the horrors of breeding
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    Oxbow Garden Select???

    you are right Oxbow 'Garden Select' is NOT recommended to use for chinchillas. Shame on Oxbow - the 'Essential' is still a good food if you can get it
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    Not sure what's wrong

    sounds like his balls to me - Some chins have big ones that show, others you don't even notice because they are tucked up inside.