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  1. Shooper

    Pellet to hay ratio..

    Some of my chins eat more hay than pellets and one of them hardly touches his hay (teeth are fine). I think each chin is different and I try to make sure they have plenty of both available.
  2. Shooper

    Best hay brand?

    I get my hay online at Small Pet Select, it’s always been good.
  3. Shooper

    Chinchilla play pens

    You can get puppy play pens at just about any pet store or website.
  4. Shooper

    Chinchilla supply websites

    600 pounds?!?! Wow, that’s a lot of dust!
  5. Shooper

    Bass equipment steel pans bare or with fleece?

    I just put poplar shavings in mine because my boys are not potty trained.
  6. Shooper

    Chin cookies

    Anyone baking and selling chin cookies?
  7. Shooper

    Chin Play Pens

    I used a tall puppy play pen that I think I got from and it worked great. Now I just let them run in the bathroom for playtime.
  8. Shooper

    Making new shelves for cage: help!

    I agree with using kiln dried pine for ledges.
  9. Shooper

    Playpen Ideas

    As long as you supervise, toilet paper rolls stuffed with hay/treats, wooden house, I put in my step stool ( they like to jump up on it and hide under it) and boxes to hide in.
  10. Shooper

    Can chinchillas be clicker trained?

    If you try it, keep us informed on your progress.
  11. Shooper

    Hello new Chin owner

  12. Shooper

    Fleece liners?

    Check out my Facebook page called Fleece for Furries.
  13. Shooper

    Sticks and twigs

    Mulberry, willow, grapevine and dogwood still available
  14. Shooper

    Sticks and twigs

    Box of Apple is pending. I have mulberry, willow, dogwood and grapevine left. I just fill a need flat rate box up to the top with sticks and twigs. Total for a box is 53.00 including shipping.
  15. Shooper

    Sticks and twigs

    I have a few medium flat rate boxes of sticks and twigs. I have dogwood, grapevine, willow, Apple and some mulberry. 53.00 includes shipping to US Let me know if you're interested.
  16. Shooper

    Dragon Wood?

    I've never heard of that...
  17. Shooper

    Searching for shelves!:)

    I have a Facebook page called Fleece for Furries and I sell ledges and fleece. Feel free to check out my page. Just message me on my FB page to order.
  18. Shooper

    Funny/Cute Pics Of Chins

    Inca (who passed away this year) always slept in the cutest positions!
  19. Shooper

    Food bowl ledge

    Hubby has some food bowl ledges ready to ship. They are 25.00 plus shipping and come with ledge, hardware and bowl.
  20. Shooper


    Second pic wouldn't attach to the first post.