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  1. Luci

    420 Chinchillas Rescued

    Ugh I've been seeing the posts on FB about this. Just hoping for well educated new chinnie owners. Maybe some of them will find their way here. I'm also hoping for a sense of peace for the owners, I can't imagine how crummy they feel to have their ranch labeled as in need of a "rescue."...
  2. Luci

    Sleep well, Smudge

    So much love to you, Stace. Rest in peace, Smudge. Enjoy the limitless treats over the rainbow bridge <3
  3. Luci

    Taking chinchilla to college?

    Are you absolutely certain that "caged pet" includes chinchillas? They may be thinking of a hamster or something like that. I absolutely do NOT want to be the naysayer, but be completely upfront about having a chinchilla. It would be horrible to get there and then find out that your little one...
  4. Luci

    Traveling with chin, not acting normal!

    When I travel with Gizmo to my parents' house, he'll be in a bit of a funk for a day or two. He's usually a lot less active, doesn't eat as much and rarely drinks. What I've done is try to acclimate him to his temporary surroundings. I talk to him and give him playtime everyday (in one of our...
  5. Luci

    Need help with planning a long distance travel with my chinchillas

    I've made 12+ hour long trips with Gizmo before. I wouldn't suggest keeping the carrier on your lap- it just seems uncomfortable and not stable enough should the car come to a sudden stop. I usually put Gizmo's carrier in middle of the back seat and put my luggage on both sides of it to...
  6. Luci

    Vote for Gizmo!

    Thanks for helping out! Giz didn't make it to the top 4. BUT the magazine editors will be including "top 4 magazine staff picks" so Giz still has a shot! We'll see how it goes.
  7. Luci

    Vote for Gizmo!

    I hope this is allowed here, if not...I'm sorry Pegs :( Gizmo is one of 26 finalists for a Texas Aggie critter contest. The top 4 get featured in Texas A&M's "Texas Aggie Magazine." I'm just so happy that Giz made it to the finals. But there are a heck ton of dogs in the running- perhaps Giz...
  8. Luci

    40 Things We Learned At The Hedgehog Convention- A Buzzfeed Article

    Hey hedgie owners, not sure if any of you saw this on Buzzfeed, but its such a hilarious article about the Eastern States Hedgehog Show in La Plata, Md. Are all hedgie shows like this?! :hilarious:
  9. Luci

    Why are chins considered exotic?

    I just get annoyed when apartment complexes list "no exotics" in their leases lol
  10. Luci

    Checkin' in to say heyyyy

    Jennn!!! Haha I hate that I've been all MIA. I wanna get back on the ball of the chin world.
  11. Luci

    Checkin' in to say heyyyy

    Thanks! I studied Public Service and Administration. Now searching for a job with either city govt or nonprofits. Fingers crossed! Thank you! OH HAI! I've missed you... even though I see you on FB haha Wifey! Thank you! How are the kids?
  12. Luci

    Checkin' in to say heyyyy

    Hey guys, its been a while! Like... a seriously long while. But I've missed the board so much. Quick update on me: graduated with my masters. Yay!! And now job searching, hoping to move out of Texas for a bit. Giz, of course, will travel with me. Speaking of Giz, he's doing great. Such a...
  13. Luci

    TRADITION Chinchilla Pellets

    Hey hey! Guess who's back?! Giz is about to resort to pizza and beer (again). The last time I bought from you, was it Tradition?
  14. Luci

    Traveling with Gizmo

    The drive went well. Giz wasn't too grumpy in his carrier and I frequently talked to him and gave some oats. He was happy with that. Right now, he's in his new temp cage. He's pretty confused, he stood in the center of it and looked around. If chins have expressions, then Giz definitely had a...
  15. Luci

    Traveling with Gizmo

    *sigh* I inherently know this. Have you SEEN Gizmo in his grumpy mood?? Its not pretty lol. He does need new pics of Shell. It'll be a good surprise for him, considering he still has NO idea we're traveling.
  16. Luci

    Traveling with Gizmo

    Hey guys, its been a while. Quick question though. I'm headed home tomorrow (woohoo for a 12 hour drive!). Anywho, Giz is going with me- I absolutely hate spending Christmas away from him. Anywho, in the past, he's traveled in his carrier and then I set up a temp cage once I get home. However...
  17. Luci

    The Importance of Chin-Proofing ANY cage

    Goodness! I need updates on everyone! Yes, Sandi, post pics!
  18. Luci


    I agree with the above posts...your list is making my head hurt. I've had Gizmo for roughly 3.5 years. At first, I thought upkeep would be expensive but it honestly isn't. Buying products from users has helped tremendously. My biggest expenses were the FN and 3 vet bills. Those were all...
  19. Luci

    The Importance of Chin-Proofing ANY cage

    Bahaha I know! I kept repeating cuz his wittle legs looked adorable! WHOA WHOA WHOA....who and who??? Have I been out of the loop THAT long???
  20. Luci

    Some of my other critters (Tarantula + Fish Tank)

    Stack, love your animals! Paul gives me the heebie jeebies...but I'm still so intrigued by him!