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  1. andymilo


    thank you all so much for your kind words...i booked the appointment for tomorrow morning and it was the hardest thing i've ever's especially painful for me because she's so young and this was so unexpected to me...there were so many things i wanted to do with her and i thought we had...
  2. andymilo


    thank you all for your kind truly means a lot to me...i'm 23 years old and she is my first pet that i've solely cared for...i rescued her while i was in the caribbean and brought her back to canada with me...she is the love of my life...there are no words to describe the happiness she...
  3. andymilo


    it's taking every bit of my energy to even write this because i have received devastating news this morning...i took my chinny to the vet for xrays because of a suspected eye infection, that was later diagnosed by my current vet as spurs, which proved today to be malocclusion...he said it's one...
  4. andymilo

    attaching flying saucer to ferret nation?

    ok thanks so much!!! i did it :)!!
  5. andymilo

    attaching flying saucer to ferret nation?

    help me please :)...i can't figure out how to attach the flying saucer to my ferret nation cage because the bars don't seem to align with the attachment pieces...i've looked through pics and noticed that some of you have done it...please teach me how
  6. andymilo

    teeth filing

    i have run out of rosehips but i've read about a chewable there a specific kind for chinchillas or is it the same we eat? i checked the back of jamieson 500mg tablets and they have rosehip as an that allowed? these tablets also have sugar says 1g of sugar...
  7. andymilo

    teeth filing

    thank your for your help...i did feed her about 10cc of critical was my first time so it was quite hard....i'm hoping she ingested quite a bit of it...i will do it again tonight...she is sitting with her mouth open and drooling a little...i'm assuming cause she's in a little pain from...
  8. andymilo

    teeth filing

    hey everyone, i posted in an earlier thread about my chinny's eye infection...well it turns out that the leaky eye was caused by pain she was having from her teeth...the vet said that her bottom back teeth were growing sharp ends towards her tongue causing her pain...he filed the teeth down and...
  9. andymilo


    thank you everyone for your advice!! i will book a vet appointment and get her on a different treatment plan
  10. andymilo


    i will definitely be switching to carefresh then...thanks for the advice...altough i do use fleece liners and the only part that contains wood shavings is her pee pan which she spends very little time in...but i will switch over :)
  11. andymilo


    hi everyone, i have a (almost) 3 year old chinchilla and about a month ago i noticed that her eye was a little swollen and leaky and a little fur was missing around her eye and she kept squinting...i took her to the vet who did an eye stain and she saw a scratch in the white part of her eye and...
  12. andymilo

    The girls

    omg Pia is absolutely stunning!!! what a plum bum lol!!!! can i have her please lol???
  13. andymilo

    my first month with gizmo! pics too!

    omg that pic of you and gizmo is so cute!!! i love his expression!!! priceless!!!
  14. andymilo

    a few pics

    awwww they are beautiful!!!! so cute!!!
  15. andymilo

    multi-grain cheerios

    Are multi-grain cheerios ok for a treat?
  16. andymilo

    baking soda to wash fleece liners?

    I read somewhere that it's possible to throw some baking soda in the washing machine with the liners to get rid of the smell. Does anyone do this? If so, how much to use? Thanks :)
  17. andymilo

    bass equip

    thats a great tip!!! im definitely going to do that!!! i just stored my extra liners on the shelf...i didnt even think to put it under the pans to reduce the noise...:banghead:
  18. andymilo

    We are home!!!

    Bottom: I'm open to any suggestions you may have!!! It's still at the beginning stage so I'm still trying to figure everything out. Thanks for looking :)!!!
  19. andymilo

    We are home!!!

    We got home safe and sound!!! My baby was so sweet the whole way, I couldn't have asked for better. I cried when they handed her to me at the airport, I was so happy. The only thing is that she is kinda smelly since she was in that carrier for a while, her bum was all wet with pee. I tried baby...
  20. andymilo

    My chin, Kunya!

    yay he's finally home!!! he's definitely a cutie pie!!!