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    Free to good home. Livingston, Texas

    Sorry for the silence. I may have found a home for get! Wish me luck that this pans out! She'll be going to a vet tech a couple towns over.
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    Free to good home. Livingston, Texas

    Thanks you. I'll do all I can to find her a hooe before your conference, but it's a huge comfort to know there's an option if I can't find a home for her.
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    Free to good home. Livingston, Texas

    Thanks. I'll take any help I can get.
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    Free to good home. Livingston, Texas

    Dessy is a standard female, about 4 years old. She normally eats Oxbow, though I had to put her on Pirina Pro rabbit food when funds got tight. She'll likely be back on Oxbow soon, though, because she hates this stuff. I also have about 75% of a large bale of timothy that she has for food and...
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    Very loud barking

    Oh yeah, that's nothing to worry about. Dessy randomly makes that sound all the time. If you check the whole area for anything that might alarm your chin and find nothing, she's probably just feeling chatty. :)
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    Need assistance ASAP!

    That looks very much like a trip to the vet to me.
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    Bonding two males possibly

    It is much easier and safer to bond two males than it is to have your male neutered. Chins die way too easily under anesthesia to take any operation lightly. Also keep in mind that you NEED to have a second cage handy in case they suddenly decide they don't want to live together any more...
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    Chinchilla Cage Accessories

    Oh yeah, I have a custom house from her. She has fantastic craftsmanship, and offers great service. :)
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    HELP! Metal bars looking to cover and make more safe

    I can't offer any suggestions for the cage, but potty training is fairly simple. If you have shavings down, just put some that's been urinated on in your little pan of choice, and finish filling it with clean shavings. Clean the rest of the floor THOROUGHLY with a 1:1 mixture of white vinegar...
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    Wood shavings alternative? Please help...

    In case you run out again, you don't want to put a regular towel down. If your chins decided they needed to eat it, the threads could do severe damage to their insides. You MIGHT try fleece, but again you want to watch to make sure your chins don't decide they NEED to eat it. It's nowhere near...
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    Blanket bonding??

    That sounds like a great way to overheat your chin. Personally I wouldn't risk it and would just bond with a chin the slow way.
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    Willfull ignorance!

    No, that's a good point. I was more trying to reference the habitat of wild betta fish. Domestic animals should always be in better living situations than their wild cousins so they can thrive. If you really want a happy betta, put an individual in a ten gallon tank with a slow filter and lots...
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    Willfull ignorance!

    To my knowledge, bettas are also one of very few fish that don't need their water oxygenated. Pretty much every other fish WILL die once the water goes stagnant. The only reason betta fish can handle stagnant water is because they have a primitive lung. They actually have to have access to air...
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    Lots of questions!

    It might not be a bad idea to just get one chin for now, especially with such a space constraint. Also, the most you're going to spend month to month is on chews and maybe hay. A really nice thing about them being so small is that they don't eat much. :D
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    Funny Craigslist Post

    Craigslist makes my brain hurt...
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    Chinchilla Toys From Etsy?

    I got a mystery box from her. If you message her before you order you can ask her to exclude certain things. I asked for no bamboo because Dessy won't touch it, and she sent a couple pine hanging toys. Both have since been annihilated. :) Her stuff isn't incredible, but it's usable as long as...
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    Experience with Head Injuries

    Sorry I don't know anything helpful, but I hope he has a full recovery. Poor little guy!
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    Long Distance (car) Travel w/chins

    Dessy traveled 1000 miles in her travel carrier and did great. I kept some fleece over the top to keep her out of the sunlight, but open at each end to make sure she had air flow. We also kept the entire car at about 65. Not the most comfortable thing for us, but she seemed to enjoy it. Dessy...
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    Can anyone identify this noise?

    Oh my goodness, that was beyond cute! I think you caught him talking in his sleep.