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    From 0 to 5. Advice?

    Oh wow 5. Is your friends giving you the cages as well? Once a chinchilla gives birth, she goes in strong heat again 12 hours later. They turn into baby machines. I don't know how long you're going to have them on loan, but ya just might be having babies real soon. your 5 might be turning into 8...
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    Hello from NY

    Hello, I'm learning as well. The problem is so many sites tell you things, only to find out they are wrong, which is why I joined this site. Do you have a cage already? I made my own. Have you looked up which shaving to use? some are bad. I don't use shaving because I have a wire-mesh floor for...
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    Hello from Alabama!

    Hello, Cool names for the chins. I have owned mine for 2 months so far. Her name is Sorsha. 5 months old.
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    Hello. Meet Sorsha

    Yes. yes! haha. I love that Movie. I wrecked the vhs version by watching it too much as a kid. "Her name is not Sticks! She's Elora Dannen, the future empress of Tir Asleen and the last thing she's gonna want is a hairy chest!" =)
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    Hello. Meet Sorsha

    Hi there, I'm late on doing this. I'm new here. My name is Christopher. This is my 5 month old chinchilla. Her name is Sorsha. She is one wild, hyper chin. haha. She only eats the bark of apple twigs. Bounces off the sides of the cage(which I built) like spider-man, and even runs along it like a...
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    hello from Bronx New york

    Love the color. How old is Marble? My chin is 5 months, Her name is Sorsha. I agree with tunes, I have seen my chin toss food out to get to treats, much waste. A good food for them is 'Oxbow Essentials', and plenty of timothy hay. Something to keep in mind. Tho the oxbow is pricey, 18 dollars.
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    My visit to the chinchilla reserve in Chile with pictures

    Very very cool. Thanks for sharing. So glad Mathias F. Chapman did what he did.
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    Do you make cage stuff yourself?

    Looks real nice. Good job. I bet they will be very happy. I have no sewing skills, horrible at it. But I made my own cage, and will be posting it soon.
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    Fleece in cage?

    My chin doesn't eat the fleece. I put in a small piece, and she likes to move it around and hide underneath it.
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    Hi Everyone!

    My chin didn't drink from her bottle first day(as far as I know). I was concerned as well. and read a trick of ripping open a raisin, and rubbing it on the nozzle and she went right to it and licked a bit. I did it again, so she would use it again longer, and seen her get a drop, made me happy...
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    I ate a chinchilla poop

    HAHA. Reminds me of a story my Grandmother told me. When she was young, and poor, she found a Tootsie Roll on the ground and ate it, only to find out it was not a tootsie roll 0_o lol. My chinchilla manages to get poop across the room somehow. Cage is in the living-room on one side, and when I...
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    Houdini's surgery

    I have always wanted a ferret, ever since I seen the movie beastmaster, as a kid. Kodo and Podo. On my 13th birthday my Mother's boyfriend surprised me with a ferret. I was so so happy, until my Mother came home from work and freaked out and made him take it back. He came back with a dog. I was...
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    Houdini's surgery

    I'm sorry to hear about Houdini. Hopefully everything works out. It has been days since you posted this, has the metacam helped with his eating or drinking? How old is Chico and Houdini? I had a hamster named Houdini. way way back. first night he broke out of the cardboard box in the car on the...
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    Do Chinchillas remember family?

    Appreciate all the advice. Will try your way. Going to build another cage, real soon. And I live in NY, our weather is pretty much the same, so I'll go with 2 a week. She only jumps in the dust for a few minutes, about 5, and jumps out and I take it away. Cheers.
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    Do Chinchillas remember family?

    ok, I will not use any clorox, and stick to my usual 50/50 vinegar. thanks.
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    Do Chinchillas remember family?

    Your story gives me hope. Did you put a cage in a cage? or switch cages at times? or cage side by side? There are so many ways I heard, to do it. I'm here to learn, so any advice is welcomed. All my knowledge is from reading, and so many contradictions out there. Like, dustbaths... I read only...
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    Do Chinchillas remember family?

    Hello Amethyst, Thanks for all the info. Yes, I will be adding more to the cage, to make it taller. And yes, I did plan on washing the cage down before adding the Mom, because I heard about the dominant environment. I enjoyed making the first cage(for me, it's fun to build things) so I will make...
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    Do Chinchillas remember family?

    Thanks for the reply and info. Yes, I will quarantine the Mom for a bit. Glad to hear yours rebonded.
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    Help! New chin introduction!

    If It's a girl, the boys might fight over her, so I have read. I'm constantly doing research to learn as much as possible, because I'm new Chin Parent. A friend of mine had a similar case like yours, she had 2 boys, and got a free chin that she was told it was a boy. They all got along fine, but...
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    Do Chinchillas remember family?

    Hello, I'm new here. I Bought my chin recently, about 2 months ago. Female, She is about 5 months old. I now have the chance to buy her Mother, who is 5 years old. So my question is... will she(Sorsha) remember her Mother? Will they get along? It has been 2 months since they were separated, and...