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    Does your chillas have pets?

    I don't have a pic, but it's a true story
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    Spot on Chinnie Nose?

    I seems like just a freckle, take a moist wipe and if it doesn't easily come off it's fine
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    Does your chillas have pets?

    Years ago, before I knew better, my chin Chloe and huge bunny named Dice lived in a huge cage together. They loved each other.....She loved riding on his back and spent most of her time there. We put a food and water station at the right height, he would take her there and she ate while riding...
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    Strangest Purchase you made for chins

    Love the answers! I love telling the fabric store people what I'm making with all the fleece. And I have to be very descriptive when calling people about buying a bale of hay. I have to take the truck, and it'll cost about $10 just for gas so I don't want a wasted trip. I tell them I want a...
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    2012 ECBC Greater Western Branch Show Eugene, Oregon

    Are you planning on having another show this year? If so, where and when? I might be in the area this time.
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    Friend lost house to fire today. This is scary and very important to read!!

    Thank you for the warning. I want to add that years ago we had a chest freezer in a spare bedroom, we went away for a few days and when we came back there was a terrible burning/hot smell we traced to the freezer. For some reason a pillow was laying against the vent, we were lucky we got home...
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    Using metal sheet as base...??

    I have thought about that. I'm sure it's razor sharp, but I was thinking what if you put a wooden frame along all 4 sides
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    Ups and Downs of Breeding Chinchillas

    How are Mom and kit now? They are both miracles!
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    Quinn- jaw tumor

    So sorry to hear this. He is such a good boy
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    2013 West Coast MCBA Show

    Here is a link to the hotel and a link with a map and directions. There is a part of the hotel right next to the chin show room, worth asking to get one of those rooms
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    Spay + One Live Kit - pics

    Great! How is Momma? Keep us updated
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    Buying 2nd cut Oxbow Timothy Hay in bulk?

    Hay will stay fresh for a year or two if stored properly. In most places hay is only grown over the Summer so it's expected to last a year. Do you know if your chins like Oxbow timmy? Have you looked at Kleen Mama's I buy it by the bale, I have a shed to store it in. You know..hay season is...
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    some resent events I feel like sharing

    Aww.....that was the most romantic thing! Forget about the perfect girl if this doesn't work out. The best thing in life is to grow and try new things.
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    2013 West Coast MCBA Show

    Yay!! I'm going. I know I'm not a good salesperson but I'll try. I have started getting disability and want to divorce and move into a SSI apartment. I have too many would anybody be interested in a trio of well bonded boys? They never fight, snuggle all the time. 2 are three year...
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    Happy Birthday Quinn!

    Happy birthday sweetheart! What did you get?