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  1. Lynn & The Chins

    Colorado Chapter ECBC Show February 7, 2015, Ft. Collins

    I only took pictures of the winners for Diana to send to know what a bad shot I am!!! But I didn't cut off any heads!!! :thumbsup:
  2. Lynn & The Chins

    Colorado Chapter ECBC Show February 7, 2015, Ft. Collins

    Awesome show!!! Record setting temperatures for February -- NO SNOW/BLIZZARDS!!! The Cali Girls would have loved it this year!!! We had 12 exhibitors and 200 animals -- 122 standards and 78 mutations!!! GSC and RGSC STANDARDS -- Mark Miler Mark had Class Champion in all 10 Standard classes...
  3. Lynn & The Chins

    2015 California ECBC Sanctioned Show - Jan 24-25, 2015

    Vamochin, all are welcome. I'm "only" a pet owner, but I belong to both Empress and MCBA and I have attended shows in many states. Chin folk are the best!!! You will enjoy meeting others, seeing some beautiful animals and winning some awesome door prizes if you choose to purchase tickets for the...
  4. Lynn & The Chins

    Colorado Chapter ECBC Show February 7, 2015, Ft. Collins

    Here's an excerpt from an email i just received about lunch/shopping options nearby. Also, dinner Saturday night for those staying over. I plan to stay after the show for cleanup and join anyone else who might want to have dinner. "A Friday evening mixer will be held in our room at the hotel...
  5. Lynn & The Chins

    Colorado Chapter ECBC Show February 7, 2015, Ft. Collins

    68th Colorado Branch E.C.B.C. Sanctioned Show Saturday, February 7, 2015 One Day Show LOCATION: Embassy Suites 4705 Clydesdale Parkway Loveland, CO 80524 (970) 593-6200 For room reservations, use Group Code C-ECB Rate, $119, includes breakfast/evening reception Room block released 1/21/15...
  6. Lynn & The Chins

    Colorado branch fall show?

    No. We will not be having a Fall Field Day. Our next show will be in February. I just posted a save the date!!! Hope to see you there!!!
  7. Lynn & The Chins

    Colorado Chapter ECBC Show February 7, 2015, Ft. Collins

    !!! SAVE THE DATE !!! Saturday, February 7, 2015 Ft. Collins, CO Details to follow...
  8. Lynn & The Chins

    Ohio Field Day Show Date?

    I'd love to come. Why can't ALL chin shows be in cities that have cheap airfares??? :)
  9. Lynn & The Chins

    When chinchillas are bonded and in a cage together do they play and interact?

    A single chin can live a full and happy life if you provide it with quality attention. This doesn't mean that you have to have long out of cage play times. Get your chin a wheel, either a Chin Spin, Silver Surfer or a Flying Saucer. If you spend time interacting with it, you can build a very...
  10. Lynn & The Chins

    2014 West Coast MCBA Show

    I'm so sorry about your father in law. Are you the Easter Bunny???!!! ;)
  11. Lynn & The Chins

    Rio's new nap spot

    2 of mine LOVE to sleep on top of their houses!!!
  12. Lynn & The Chins

    cute "digging"

    Mine do that if they want a dust bath or after I've cleaned their cages. They're silly but so cute!!!
  13. Lynn & The Chins

    WI ECBC Spring Field Day Show Results!!

    Congratulations to all who attended!!! Wish I could have made it...
  14. Lynn & The Chins

    WI ECBC Spring Show

    Good luck to all and have a great show!!!
  15. Lynn & The Chins

    WI ECBC Spring Show

    I won't be able to make it, but do you have any awesome door prizes for which I could buy tickets??? :)
  16. Lynn & The Chins

    2014 Empress National Show- join us and celebrate our 50th anniversary Mutation Show!

    Less than 12 hours until my flight!!! Packing and then going to try to sleep...I'm usually so excited to see everyone I can't!!!
  17. Lynn & The Chins

    Depressed Chinchilla?

    Definitely separate them before a tragedy occurs!!! They'll both be safer and happier alone as long as you give them each enough love and attention!!!
  18. Lynn & The Chins

    Be mine?

    Godofgods have you never heard of Dawn's Cross Dressing Chins??? They've had at least 2 calendars of which I am aware!!! They're all awesome, and I love them all, but I'm partial to Franco as a Leprechaun and Beezie in a Hula skirt!!!'s time for a new calendar!!! Too many new people...
  19. Lynn & The Chins

    need kit advice ASAP!!

    Count out 111 days on your calendar so you know her approximate due date. Next time, remove the male BEFORE she's due...
  20. Lynn & The Chins

    Selling diseased animals

    WOO HOO!!! Glad you're coming!!!