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  1. feistychins

    lava landings

    Before shipping $12.00.
  2. feistychins

    lava landings

    I sell them in my store and they are still packaged.
  3. feistychins

    Hay-only feeding

    I don't like it. They loose weight and other than the high fiber, they do not get enough nutrition. The chin acts like they are starving all the time. I don't recommend it unless a chin has soft poops or needs to detox for a few days.
  4. feistychins

    Is it true that you can't put two males together in a cage if...

    I agree with all that has been said. I have paired males next to or near females (some familes of all females) and the males couldn't care less. I have had only one pair of males in all my years that seem to get a little cranky with each other once they reached about 1 year old and they were...
  5. feistychins

    Infection after Surgery

    I know it is a little drive for you, but VCA South Hadley Animal Hospital has a very good chin vet; Dr. Katja Hrones is who I recommend. If you want a second opinion I think it would be worth the drive. Their number is 413-539-9868. That wound is bad and needs immediate care. I can't believe...
  6. feistychins

    HELP! What to do while waiting for test results?!?!

    It sounds like your chin has bloat. The stretching is a very commom thing chins do when they have it. He needs simethicone every 2-4 hours, a good .50ml. He also needs tummy massages in gentle circular motions starting from below his rib cage down to his genitals. Exercise is good and will...
  7. feistychins

    Wood stuck on teeth, help!

    Happy you got it off, but I would get rid of that toy so it does not happen again.
  8. feistychins

    chin with possible heart murmur

    I have had a couple of chins with heart murmurs, some more severe than others and the chins have lived very normal lives.
  9. feistychins

    What a BIG girl looks like!

    In that first picture her head looks so small, lol! She's a beauty.
  10. feistychins

    "Clicking" sound with newborn kit?

    I can't believe what I just read, a true miracle. I am so happy she is doing so well and I hope she continues to do so. Their markings are adorable.
  11. feistychins

    Baytril oral or injectable

    I have never given baytril as an injection nor would I unless I was told there was no other way. I mentioned injectable baytril to my vet a short time back and she looked at me like a said something horrible. She told me you never give injectable baytril to chins or it can cause necrosis or an...
  12. feistychins

    Product Recall

    I was just made aware of this and thought I would pass it along in case anyone uses these products. Kaytee Recalls Forti-Diet Pro Health Mouse, Rat and Hamster Because of Possible Salmonella Health Risk Contact: Media Mark Newberg 847-330-5367 Consumer Customer Service 1-800-529-8331...
  13. feistychins


    This is part of what my friend emailed me "she started looking draggy and sad. I took her to the vet, who suspects either a uterine infection or possibly a mass" This is in NY and I don't know the vet. Why the vet would suspect a mass if she did not feel anything or take an x-ray I don't...
  14. feistychins


    How does a vet test to confirm pyometra? I have a friend who chin sits a lot for a woman who doesn't really care about her chin. Lately the chin has been quiet and cleaning her privates a lot. My friend brought her to the vet and the vet mentioned a uterine infection because the fur around...
  15. feistychins


    I have one chin who will lick my hand or arm. My hands are clean when she does it and she likes to snuggle so I'm not sure if it is more of her trying to groom me. She is very sweet and doesn't do it a lot, but has a couple of times.
  16. feistychins

    Wakka, Binx and Yazy

    Happy to see that Yazy is enjoying my hammock. They are all beautiful!! They look so innocent....funny how they can get into so much trouble at times ;)
  17. feistychins

    Rescues and 501c3

    I am a legal 501(c)(3) and have been since 2005. On occasion I do have some people make a donation and they tell me not to worry about sending them a thank you letter which also serves as a receipt for them (for tax purposes). Of course I always thank them either in person or by email...
  18. feistychins

    Charlie needs help...

    I am very sorry.
  19. feistychins

    Charlie needs help...

    Years ago I had a bunny that had those symptoms and an infection was the cause. The eye movement is often, but not always, caused because they have vertigo and it feels like they are constanly spinning. Antibiotics did resolve it, but it took some time. I had to keep the bunny in a carrier...
  20. feistychins


    So sorry for your loss. I understand about not wanting the necropsy. He could have had a stroke or heart attack. My main concern would be if you have other chins. You may want to have them get a physical just to be on the safe side in case it was not his heart.