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  1. J

    MCBA National Show Change

    We have made a change for the MCBA National Show. We are dropping the $10 fee for those just watching and inviting all chin owners to come see what the show is all about Saturday 3/17/18. There will be a animal auction, raffle prizes, lots of people to meet and lots to learn.
  2. J

    MCBA Nationals 2015

    If any one has any questions or concerns about the Novice show please feel free to contact me.
  3. J

    MCBA Nationals 2015

    The Novice show will be a great chance for newer chin owners to learn more about what the judges see and what they are looking for. Jim will be explaining and showing people about the different characteristics that we judge on and how to work to better what you have. Exhibitors will be able to...
  4. J

    For those using the Agselect/Edstrom watering system

    Even clear water filters grow algae in them at an increased rate.
  5. J

    For those using the Agselect/Edstrom watering system

    Yes its been tried before and the more light that gets to your water the more algea it grows.
  6. J

    MCBA Nationals 2015

    Sounds like we have the Baldwin clan preparing lunch and dinner for us this year. Looking forward to another great show.
  7. J

    MCBA Michigan Show

    Show is just around the corner. Who all is planning on coming?
  8. J

    Who murdered who?

    Welcome to the world of breeding. The more animals you have the more you will see things you never thought you would even possibly ever see. Some are very hard to understand. Also in my opinion the more animals in the same cage the the more bad things tend to happen.
  9. J

    1-24-15 Michigan Show

    It will be good to see you again!
  10. J

    1-24-15 Michigan Show

    This turned out to be a great show last year with a super turn out so we are doing the same this year. I am hoping for the same results again this year. I know I will be there.
  11. J

    Chins + rats = not a good idea

    I know wild rats will attack and kill chins which is why we use measures to keep them off our property.
  12. J

    How did this come about?

    Pics of the parents would help! Also the grandparents colors. The lethal factor is not as much of an issue to me as breeding white to white brings many undesirably traits and does nothing to improve quality.
  13. J

    Metal pans

    Stainless steel pans last forever but have a high cost. You can also check on getting pans made from galvalume which is much cheaper than stainless and also will out last regular galvanized pans ten times over. I have hundreds of stainless pans, but now get all mine made with the galvalume...
  14. J

    Looking for a locken chinchilla in arizona

    Jim has been selling the Lockens in the US for some time now.
  15. J

    MCBA Nationals 2015

    MCBA and ECBC members along with non members are all welcome to participate and attend. Looking forward to working with and helping the novice group.
  16. J

    MCBA Shindig 2014

    Has everyone got those babies in training for the baby races? I am thinking its going to be fun and very entertaining. I am looking forward to the weekend. Brenda, Paul and others have put together education, fun and plenty of time for visiting.
  17. J

    who would you rather have chin-sit?

    Use someone you trust and make sure they have a way of getting in touch with you when you are gone. Knowledge is not everything and in most cases will not be needed other than the instructions for care you give when you leave.
  18. J

    color id please

    Very cool!
  19. J


    Its been happening for many years. You would be amazed at how many people call or email looking for background on a jags animal we never even sold! They claim to have bought them from someone but could not get pedigree info from them on them so contact us. In our chin program we record all...
  20. J

    Galvalume Pans

    I can still get them made. As soon as I receive payment I order them and most times have them within a week or so.