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    Could be he is trying to clean his teeth from something stuck or sticky. What do you feed him?
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    Odd question regarding raw food

    The kitten having diarrhea would concern me since the chinchilla might be exposed to pathogens that are causing it. Have you had his stool checked?
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    Older chin starts new unwanted behaviour

    Eww, now that would be gross! LOL. I did get 'poked' once and that's when I finally realized he meant business. But he's kinda stopped now and settled down, he's a very well mannered little guy once he realizes I don't like something he will stop or try to stop. :)
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    Older chin starts new unwanted behaviour

    He's gotten a bit better. He'll grab a hold of my arm and then let go very quickly almost as if he remembers, 'no humping mama'. LOL It seems to always happen when I give him organic raw rolled oats, he also gives off a musky scent too.
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    Guess what Bentley did!

    I finally got a way to play instrumental music in my bedroom where I keep my chin, Bentley. I was lying down listening and heard Bentley make three sounds in exact imitation of the musical notes being played! He did it twice and I haven't heard it since. I was thrilled and tickled to death...
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    Solitary Chin lonely? Please help me brainstorm solution.

    Good points, IceMaiden. He has been more lively lately. I love how he sits on a perch by the door to be let out and his tail is like a helicopter rotor. lol
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    Teff Grass

    Ahhh, ok. I'll have to see if I can find out more info on the calcium levels. Thanks, Amethyst! :)
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    Solitary Chin lonely? Please help me brainstorm solution.

    Thanks Amethyst! Knowing it could have just been something he heard helps put my concerns to rest. I think I worry too much about him. I should give his toy a good wash and give it back to him, or maybe make another. He's a bit aggressive at times so maybe he's one of those chins who likes to...
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    Teff Grass

    I ran across an article about teff grass and wondered if it would be good for chins.
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    Solitary Chin lonely? Please help me brainstorm solution.

    Hello, I have a 10-12 year old male chin that has lived alone all his life. He's had two owners prior to me, I've had him about 2 years now. He has started calling out behavior when for nearly a year and a half I never heard hardly a peep out of him. He calls at night, while he's half asleep...
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    Bratty chin?

    I have a chinchilla that tries to hump me when he's out of his cage running around. I've tried various ways to make him stop but nothing has worked other than one thing. I 'kack' at him when he does something inappropriate to me. It's a language he understands and he stops. I don't 'kack' at...
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    Exercise Wheel and Cage Pans

    Your shop on Etsy looks great. I love the wheels and hammocks and prices are good too. Thanks for sharing this resource. :)
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    Sick Chinchilla! Need help ASAP

    Try applying for the vet card, CareCredit, you can do it online and get an immediate answer. Plus you can use the credit card that same day. I did. I understand when money is really tight and medical bills can get costly but you have a responsibility to any pet you have. Once you own a pet you...
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    How to keep cage clean

    I also have my chinchilla's cage in my bedroom and there are times my room smells. I use So Phresh natural softwood bedding on solid flooring and a litter pan, though he does pee in another corner a little bit. I've noticed it smells most when I don't spot clean daily. I haven't found a way to...
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    Scabbed, swollen finger?!?

    When I read this I thought that maybe something was constricting his little toe. Maybe a hair wrapped tightly around it, or a thin fiber. Would result in swelling, the bite could be where he was trying to get it off. Just a guess. How is he doing now?
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    preping wood question

    Looks like a form of algae. Algae is a non-parasitic, non-fungal plant-like growth that thrives in damp, wet conditions. I believe that any unusual growth on sticks and branches is suspicious and feeding to chins, since they have delicate digestive systems, is very risky. I found this link...
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    head tilt..HELP!

    From some veterinary sources it seems that a chin has an ear constructed much like humans with an outer, middle, and inner ear. The inner ear contains the organs for the vestibular system. Any disorder or infection in the inner ear can adversely affect balance and coordination. I've been...
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    Hi from Kent UK

    It's admirable that you are working very hard to educate yourself and provide a good home for your chin. Many people take in pets without being fully aware of their needs. I did with my chin, took the previous owner's info as accurate and it wasn't. But after reading this forum and some...
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    Hi from Kent UK

    Hello and welcome! Reading through your list of animals you've helped over the years made me think how amazing that must be. And even with the loss in your life you seemed to sparkle with vitality in your post. Looking forward to reading more once you get your chins!
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    Chin Safe wood list?

    Ahhh, thanks Amethyst!