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    Which food?

    I have used Mazuri in the past but then my local supplier stopped carrying it. Switched to Manna Pro, was not a fan and then went to Blue Seal Hutch Deluxe and love it. I used oxbow when I had only two chins and would love to go back to that or Mazuri if I could get it in bulk locally. But for...
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    Some breeding questions

    Hello, I am still a very newbie breeder and am currently trying to build my foundation herd. I hope this is the right section to post this in. When breeding mutations back to standards what phase standards should you look for? For example I have a lovely mosaic male and am getting a female for...
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    Rearranging cage

    I was curious if anyone else's chins do this. I have a female in a ferret nation with a metal bass equiptment pan (it's a chin safe cage basically). Whenever I put in shavings within an hour they are on th floor but only from one section. The corner to the middle of the cage. If I put shavings...
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    If you could start over in breeding *scenerio*

    I was hoping this might be fun for you ranchers and breeders and informative for us hoping to get into breeding. So here we go ~ This is a scenerio, pretend you are an experienced chin owner and have done your research. Assume you have all of the knowledge you have now, over however long you...
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    Please do keep them apart, and as both Vyxxin and Amythest said reset them! Let the new one settle in. And if you decide to introduce them, after researching methods and picking one remember that chins can be territorial. As you have seen by them being okay in neutral territory. So try a new...
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    NY/NE Chapter Show

    Okay thanks I was just curious. I am not going to enter anyone in the show but want to eventually. Once I learn how shows work. So I was curious if I could get supplies there or of I'd need to get them in advance when I eventually show. Also interested in vender tables lol.
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    NY/NE Chapter Show

    I am hoping to come as I have never been to a show. Do people sell things at shows? Such as show cages, or wood? I want to budget for it.
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    Plastic, Crossbar or Too Small Wheel? This is what I have, and it is wonderful. Silent and sturdy. also has international shipping. Wheels are an investment but last a life time ( yours and your chins)
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    Plastic, Crossbar or Too Small Wheel?

    Maybe, only if you have a small chin. And it doesn't have a spoke in the middle that comes out. Consider chin anatomy and how it will fit in the wheel. If the wheel is small the chin has to arch it's back as it runs which like the others can hurt the chin physically. They sell good wheel on...
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    Looking for models

    QWERTY, though still needs some more work on texture.
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    Looking for models

    Thanks everyone! Amphy I am trying to do that first pic of Henry but the plant is giving me strife. I managed to do ticklechins mosiac hula skirt chin and one of my homo ebonys, QWERTY.
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    Colour vs personality

    Odd, I have a mosiac mostly white whom is not too crazy. Just...unintelligent. He tries to run on top of his wheel. My tov violet wrap is the crazy one. Bouncing off of walls, literally. My dark ebony is laid back, she almost never moves. And of all things my homo ebony kit is the calmest of...
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    Painted Chinchilla Cage

    I researched this myself. Rustoleum brand is supposed to be okay. Remove that paint, use fish oil on rust spots to prevent further rust and use rustoleum. Allow to sit for 7-10 days then wash off with water. This is what I was told by a vet.
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    Looking for models

    I enjoy doing art and have been getting various commissions lately. I'd love to start doing more chinchillas and could use some in my portfolio. I am doing my own babies but would also like to do some others. If anyone has some good photos of their chins, any good antics or adorable poses I'd...
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    Kit losing weight

    I think I figured it out....I need a new scale. Today it read 258grams. Every day it flucuates. I do not think she lost 28 grams one day then gained 52 grams the next. Each day I have weighted her at the same time, same method.
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    Colour vs personality

    It depends on the chin. I do not know of colors vs personality but as far as I know pet wise one should have different health issues of the other. In breeding different colors have different weak traits associated. But as long as you find a reputable breeder there shouldn't be an issue of health...
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    Chin feels bloated!! She barks and acts a bit different. HELP

    If she is okay with being handled try weighing her every few days. If she is increasing in weight it is more than likely. You are right those do sound like pregnancy symptoms. Is she in a kit proof cage? Just watch her, is she eating and drinking? Pooping and peeing?
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    Various Items for Sale

    Greychins, I was looking at your site and was curious. How much would it be to trick out one half of a ferret nation? With wood ledges? I got another ferret nation 142, and will be ordering bass equipment pans soon but one of the sections needs ledges.
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    General Tips Wanted

    As Godofgods said they will eat anything. You are also getting a kit. They are like having a puppy. They will get into everything and anything and have no idea of their own survival or what might be counter intuitive to that. So in the cage, no plastic. I'd also recommend a floor without...
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    Kit losing weight

    Should I call my vet and ask about Oxbow critical care? The exotic vet I use carries it, I checked before when I was researching vets in the area and what they offered for chins.