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    I need help finding a scale

    You can get kitchen scales from Walmart, Bed Bath and Beyond, ect.
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    Dwarf baby born from normal sized parents

    He's ADORABLE! How about Tot for his name? Like Tiny Tot. :)
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    Rabbits and Chins.

    I don't see her saying she cannot afford another one or where she is expecting one to be free unless I missed a post in a previous thread.
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    help with food allergies for my frenchie

    So you have done the testing on your dog? I'd say if there is any way you could get an answer out of this it will be a lot cheaper and faster than trying to do this yourself by switching her kibble trying to pin point the problem.
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    help with food allergies for my frenchie

    Most, if not all grain free brands are an all life stage food. Look up "Allerg3" or "Nordic Naturals" for the Omega 3.
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    help with food allergies for my frenchie

    I used this one. Nordic Naturals is also a wonderful brand
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    help with food allergies for my frenchie

    Chicken is a common allergy, as is fish. Try foods without these things one at a time and give about a month for improvement. I'd also try something grain free. Taste of the Wild is a wonderful food and cost effective! You also may want to look into Omega 3 for her allergies. Before putting my...
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    What color is Momo?

    He looks like a very poorly veiled Brown Velvet
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    A couple growers did a fall photo shoot

    NO, A13 wants to come live with ME! Too cute for WORDS! :)
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    Itching Dog...

    TOTW is a great food. also ships for $5.99 or free over $50.00 and decently priced food if finding it local is an issue. If it helps any, most Tractor Supply stores sell TOTW for a very good price.
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    Kitten Milk

    Thank you so much for taking these kittens in and for getting momma fixed! :heart5:
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    Ivy flows the best. Love it! Congratulations on your baby girl. :)
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    Chili the dancing chinchilla!

    I wonder. Maybe his little mosaic buddy over there switched quirks :neener:
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    Chili the dancing chinchilla!

    That is just the cutest!
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    Clicker Training Chinchillas

    Unless you want them trained to poop in one spot. That would be a no-go. :neener:
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    Mothers =\

    :no: Carecredit and vet funds.
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    New Kitten, needs some help!

    Missed my edit time. I also wanted to add if she happens to have an accident outside of the litter box, scoop it up and put it into her litter. That way she can associate her litter box with bathroom.
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    New Kitten, needs some help!

    Plop her in the litter box multiple times a day and make digging motions for her with her front paws. This has worked with all three of my kittens in enticing them to go to the bathroom. She'll catch on!
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    It's a....

    I agree :thumbsup: Congrats to you both! She's adorable