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  1. Markhood

    Chinchilla with fractured pelvis!!! Help!!

    I'm so sorry to hear about your chinchilla. It sounds like she's in a lot of pain and you're very worried about her. I wouldn't recommend euthanizing her just yet. It's important to continue to give her pain medication and monitor her closely. With time and care, she may be able to recover.
  2. Markhood

    New drooling down chest

    I lack expertise in interpreting x-rays, but I'm relieved to hear your chinchilla is experiencing increased comfort.
  3. Markhood

    Mysterious Lump on chinchilla

    I haven't had a chinchilla with this issue, but I hope your little one feels better soon. It's great that you're taking such good care of her!
  4. Markhood

    Chinchilla For Sale South Florida: Rehome 5 chinchillas

    Your chinchillas are truly wonderful, but I can't provide them a home. Wishing you success in finding a caring buyer.
  5. Markhood

    Hello there

    Greetings to all members, I'm rejoining after a hiatus. Regrettably, my cherished chinchillas, the 3Cs, met an unfortunate fate during a difficult time. Now, considering adopting a rescue male from a trusted connection, I'm eager to catch up and explore the changes in the community. Thrilled to...