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  1. aashly23

    Joys of living in a ZOO!!!

    Wednesday I decided that it would be a good idea to clean the chin cages with water and vinegar... While I was cleaning the cages, hubby was giving one of the dogs a bath. He opened the door when he was done and of course the dog came running out of there like a bolt of lightning. The dog bumped...
  2. aashly23

    How do you feed hay?

    I gave loose before but I have allergic reactions now so I only do cubed.
  3. aashly23

    Chin houses

    A friend of mine made me some chin houses for Christmas. I know its late but here are pics.
  4. IMG 2128

    IMG 2128

  5. IMG 2129

    IMG 2129

  6. houses


  7. aashly23

    Digging for Gold

    When I had Harley he would move his hidey house around and move his shavings to the corner he wanted them in. He also had a little wooden ladder that hung from the side of the cage and he would take it down and move it everyday.
  8. aashly23

    I'm Ok with Chin Poop Eating Worried About Dog Eating Chin Poop

    In my house I had 4 chins, 2 rabbits and 1 dog. Never had any problems with anyone eating any poop.....that is until I let the pitbull come in from the cold. She eats the dogs poop, the chinchillas poop and the rabbits poop. She is horrible.
  9. aashly23

    Male to Female Owners

    Female with 4 chinies
  10. aashly23


    I made a similar post to this a few weeks ago. I started having allergy problems every time I cleaned cages and fed the little guys. It was the hay. I started taking Zyrtec everyday and haven't had a problem since.
  11. aashly23

    Who wants to see pics???

    This is Mia. I've had her since August. Standard female. This is Max. I've had him since August. Ebony male. The new addition Lyladee. Got her yesterday. White ebony female. And Lyladee's brother Luke. Picked him up yesterday also. Mosaic tov ebony carrier.
  12. aashly23


    I am just curious about the ages of all the members. I am 24 and have been a chin mommy for a year. How about the rest of you?
  13. aashly23

    Poo stuck on ear.

    I've had chins for about a year now and I have never seen that. Does he roll where he poos?
  14. aashly23


    same here...In December of last year I bought my first. He was a standard boy and he passed away in May. Then in August I decided I just couldn't live without chinchillas so I bought 2 from breeders on here. I am leaving in the morning to travel 3 hours to get 2 more. It turns into an addiction...
  15. aashly23

    Baby chin bumbed her face hard

    I got my Mia from a breeder on here in Kentucky. I don't think she is actually a member because I haven't seen anything on here from her since I got Mia. Anyway she gave me a bag of "treats". It had almonds and sunflower seeds and raisins. But the breeder I got Max from gave me some oxbow food...
  16. aashly23


    So what OTC med works for you?
  17. aashly23


    In the last few weeks I've started to think I have an allergy to my chins. No worries I have no intentions of getting rid of my babies. I thought at first it was just seasonal allergies but it gets worse every time I do a cage cleaning. I bought a shop vac so that cleaning is easier but a little...
  18. aashly23


    So how do I test my water?
  19. aashly23

    My babies

    No he's not fixed...they have separate cages they were only together for the pic.
  20. aashly23

    I want another one

    Essentia...where are the breeders in Georgia? I have tried so many times to find a chin close to home but the closest I've found are in Kentucky and South Carolina.